playing with laser pointers

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Really, I have no problem with using laser pointers properly when getting a cat to play with them.

It's the way my brother is doing it--leaving it on the floor and letting the cat play with the pointer itself.
I'm afraid Oreo will end up shining it in his face by accident, or chew it up, or break it.
Maybe he isn't strong enough to break it now, but when he's an adult, he could. He could break it and possibly hurt himself in the process. Why get him into a bad habit just because it's cute?

I tell my brother this, and the frickin' idiot won't listen to reason. He argues that he can do what he wants with his laser pointer. He just refuses to stop. He's at that age where he thinks he knows it all. -_-

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The problem is mostly if it shines in your cat's eyes. It can cause damage. I wouldn't worry so much about kitty chewing it as if the batteries can fall out & get ingested. The thing with lasers is that the cat never really "catches" the prey & they can get frustrated or lose interest. When I use one, I always try to shine it on a stuffed toy that they can then grab & bunny kick so it feels like they "caught" it. Please remember, it is your cat, and it is a health matter - you have every right to want the best for him. You could always just take it away until the "human" learns to play nice. laugh out loud