can smoking around your cat cause it cancer?

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I smoked around my dog, but never my cat. I recently quit smoking cigarettes, but have been habitually nursing an electronic cigarette (Ha new addiction). I never new my secondhand smoke could had. My pets, so I am glad I am quitting.

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Welcome to Catster! I personally am a non-smoker fan. I grew up in a home with everyone else smoking & have had bad asthma due to it. I lost someone dear to me from lung cancer, so yes I do have negative opinions against smoking itself. I do not hold against anyone that does smoke, as it is YOUR choice, and each of us make our own decisions. All I would say is that if you have seen what nicotine deposits can do to objects, certainly those exposed to it would pick it up from those same objects. To be on the safe side, I would refrain from smoking near you kitties, and wash your hands well before you pet them, so nothing can get on their fur. Can it cause them a problem? not sure, but I always feel it is better to be safer than not. Welcome again! welcomecat on moon


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The original poster to this thread asked if smoking around her cats could cause lung cancer. And people were kind of enough to take the time and let her know that it can. Of course she can take the time to google this information herself instead of us looking up links. But it is a well known fact that it can cause problems. Smoking isnt healthy for anyone. Even if you don't notice problems, the cats could be uncomfortable and have a harder time breathing. Why would you want to do that to them?

My mom is very sensitive to second hand smoke. Her Dad smoked and died in his middle 50's. He was always told by his doctors that smoking would kill him and it did. Very sad. Mom is that age now and realizes how young that really is.

I know it is very hard to stop smoking. It is an addiction, a crutch. And smokers always seem to be very defensive of their habit.

It is totally a person's choice if they smoke. But I do think one has to think twice about it and how they are doing it when it is effecting other people or pets instead of just not caring. Like their smoking so much more important to them. I would not want to see any cat in discomfort so I would do what I could to make sure they were living in a healthy environment.


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Unfortunately, smoking around cats (or even bringing smoke residue inside, on your clothes or hands) can cause a variety of problems for cats, from lung cancer to asthma. Maybe it seems like a no-brainer, but as a first-time pet owner, I had to learn this the hard way. Please, please do not smoke around your kitties, and take care to wash your hands after handling cigarettes.

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