can smoking around your cat cause it cancer?

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Purred: Thu Jun 20, '13 5:32pm PST 
Hello. first off, i am very new here to this website, so please bare with me here! lol.

now, i have raised cats almost all my life! i love them so much. (: but my husband and i are also smokers. we've often wondered if second hand smoke could also cause lung cancer in a cat, but not sure if that was something possible; as we know animals can obtain many diseases and problems such as humans can.
we have just adopted two lovely tortie kittens, and have been wondering this even more now. if anyone has any form of answer for me it is appreciated!! we would really like to know about this for the safely and health of our new kittens! thanks ;D xxx

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Purred: Thu Jun 20, '13 6:38pm PST 
Actually yes, it can. it gets in their fur and they lick it off and they breath it in, just like humans. I've seen many articles about this.


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I, too, have read that: the smoke particulates are picked up in the cats' fur, and then they lick it off. It's a well known fact that second-hand smoke is just as dangerous as first-hand. Perhaps you should confine your smoking to the out-of-doors.


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Pets can come down with cancers such as oral cancers and lung cancer from living with smokers or from second hand smoke. I read that they are even more sensitive to smoke than humans are.

Asthma is something to be very concerned with for pets trying to breathe but breathing in second hand smoke. Third hand smoke which is smoke you bring in on your clothes or settle on things can be just as dangerous as second hand smoke.

Your pets can't tell you that they are having trouble breathing until it has gotten bad enough that you notice. They have no choice. You control the air they breathe.


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By the way, welcome to Catster!

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Purred: Fri Jun 21, '13 2:53am PST 
Dear New Meouwmy of the two torties....Jan here...!! (on behalf of the smoking fraternity)....

My husband and I are smokers and both have been since he was 10 and I was 15...!! I have been the Meouwmy of cats for going on 40 years (not counting the cats that lived at my house when I was a little girl)....

Now I don't know if the smoke harms them or not....I just don't know....
but here are the statistics (as well as I can remember) of the reasons for the mortality of the cats I have had (except those who died young, run over on the road)...

Nah, I won't do it name by name....I will not do a 'Naming of the Dead'...for it will make me cross (because I don't believe that the smoking makes any difference to their longevity)....but, being as honest as I can, it would seem that five of my cat children died of cancer.....(1)one as a babbie, because he was born with cancer in him,(2) one with a malignant growth in his ear, (3)one, when I was young and lived at home...she was called 'Pussle', she was very old but I cannot remember where her cancer was....(4) my beloved Grandad Joseph Conrad...who had colon cancer (but he was nearly 18 years old...I mean, pplleeaassee...!!)....

And the ONE who had a growth on the lung....yes, she did....BUT...she was nearly 20 for gawd's sake.....!! The others have died mainly of kidney failure...which, I understand, is a 'great favourite' with kitties....and does seem like a fairly gentle way to go....

It's up to you all...of course....but, I love my smokes and so does my husband...

What more can I say?



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Purred: Fri Jun 21, '13 6:57am PST 
I'm surprised no one has said this, so allow me to be the first: Smoking is as harmful to your cat as it is to you so for both of your sakes, STOP!


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if would have been helpful if someone could have at least linked me to a source with their opinions, but whatever, i will have to get out the ol' google or vet number! (:

thanks for the welcomes, from those who welcomed ! ;p

Jan, i'm so sorry to hear that about all the kitties you've known! that's very sad. ): my husband and i too like our smokes, lol. we have two children as well though, so we do smoke outside because of our kids. the kittens are indoor cats, they're only 9weeks old. they have never come directly in contact with smoke, besides the smell being on our closing from it.

in the past, before we had any children, we still owned cats, and did smoke inside. but have always had very healthy kitties, who went to regular vet check ups and shots. i've been lucky to have healthy cats to care for. our vet knows we are smokers and have been for a long time, he has never mentioned to us about the smoke harming cats. this has just been a shared question of curiosity from my husband and i.


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Purred: Fri Jun 21, '13 7:48pm PST 
Cali's mom here, I used to smoke and quit almost 20 years ago. During that time not one of my kitties ever came down with cancer or any other disease associated with smoking.
I feel that it is your choice if you want to smoke, this is still a somewhat free country and what you do in your home is your business


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Purred: Sat Jun 22, '13 3:41am PST 
Hi...!! Jan here....with a postscript....!! (this will please the anti-smoking people)

But first, thank you, Luna's and Calli's Meouwmies...I was expecting to be 'jumped on from a great height' by everyone and then sent into 'outer darkness, to puff away to my heart's content....!!! But then there were you two.....coming to my rescue...!!

No, joking apart...this WILL please the anti-smokers, and I DO have to be honest...if you look at Tambolina's thread here about 'Cats and Asthma'...the vet has told me that Tambi most likely has mild asthma....never had this before with any of my cats...BUT....if it gets worse, we will have to think hard about our smoking habits...

Happy Now? Oh, BUT....please, please don't tell me: 'I told you so'...!!

Jan (and Tambolina)

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