Vomiting Food and Bile

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Purred: Mon Jun 3, '13 5:33pm PST 
Hi everybody,

I'm new to the site, but am hoping to find a welcoming community for me and my furbaby, Giselle.

Unfortunately, Giselle is under the weather. She's been vomiting food - Nutro healthy weight dry food for adults - almost immediately after eating. I fear her stomach is empty and is also causing her to vomit bile. She's lost some weight, but is still a healthy weight. She's still active and is drinking water. I fed her half a can of wet food about an hour and she's been holding that down okay.

I searched for Nutro food recalls but didn't find anything and left a message for the vet. In the meantime, if you all have any info that may help me get Giselle feeling better, it will be greatly appreciated.

By the way, not sure if it matters, but Giselle is seven years old.


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I tend to do this a lot when I eat! My mum says that I eat to fast but I'm just so hungry that I can't help it. Apparently dry food expands in the tummy, so if I eat to much at once my tummy feels awful and I have to throw it back up. Mum says it grosses her out cause it pretty much looks the same as when I scarfed it down, but she cleans it up anyway. I don't wanta eat for a bit after that but then I'm right back wanting to eat about a half hour later. Mum's taken to feeding me smaller bits more often to try and help me not get sick. Apparently if I don't take well to eating the smaller portions more often, Mum is going to try something she heard to make me slow down eating. You take golf balls and set it in the bowl with the food so it makes me pick around it more slowly to eat instead of wolfing it down quickly. Seems silly to me but I guess if it makes my tummy better its probably worth it. Your kitty might be the same! Though maybe they just have a sensitive tummy and doesn't like the food. If you're really worried you can take them to the vet. I don't like it much there but they usually make you feel better so I guess that's okay. The doctor might recommend different food for a more sensitive tummy! Hope you feel better!


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It's possible your kitty is trying to tell you something! There are a lot of bad ingredients in kibble that don't agree with cats' systems. Canned food is much better for them - you can read about it at catinfo.org. Nutro may not have a recall currently but they have had some serious ones in the past. And sometimes bad food doesn't get recalled, or at least doesn't get recalled quickly.

If the vomiting persists get to the vet and have some bloodwork done. People will tell you that their cat vomited every day and lived to be 20, but a lot of vomiting really isn't normal, it's a sign that something's up.