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callie had surgery 4/18/13
They removed up right canine & lower left premolar that was fractured. localized gingivitis.
Meds: Metacam- for pain & inflammation
Disp 0.5ml for 3 days begin 4/19
Clindamycin- 1ml every 12 hours- gave for 5 days then cat began vomiting.
Other cat was aggressive toward her for 1 week- had to seperate cats. High stress.
She ate a small amount the day of surgery & ate a bit each following day with some water. Was playful with me first 3 day days
1st bowel movement 5 days after surgery and has only 1 more.
Vomitng foam 2 times daily the last 4-5 days.
Eating minimal wet food & water the lst 3 days
Ate cat grass 4/28 and some food & water- kept it down about 5-6 hours then vomited a small amount.
Lethargic, not interested in food, play , cat grass, cat nip or other activites.
4/29 - began dispensing gerber chicken baby food orally w/ syringe. 4ml in the evening- drinking minimal water.
Please help with any advice as I have tried all I know. Callie is 12+yrs old.


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All I could say is that I think she needs to go back to the vet.

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Some people feel that Metacam is a big no-no for cats shrug It can cause serious reactions. I posted the current guidelines for Metacam/NSAID use here: http://www.catster.com/forums/Cat_Health/thread/773673

Tooth removal is really painful. Metacam isn't strong enough for the pain. Buprenex is a good choice to use when teeth are removed. Ask the vet about this pain medicine.

A vet check up is in order with vomiting and lethargy that is going on. No one here on Catster is a vet so no one can give you any more advice than to go back to the vet or even to a different vet (with copies of all the medical records). I hope you feel better soon hug

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After taking her back to the vet multiple times they found out it was kidney failure due to kidney infection. If anyone else has this problem I hope that this helps you. Callie currently is given 50/50 chance to live. Thank you for your advice.


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Sending Monster purrs for Callie's recovery


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I'm sorry, I don't know what you can do for a cat in kidney failure, but hopefully you will find some good information somewhere on how to help your kitty. So sorry this is happening and I hope you get some good advice somewhere.