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Purred: Thu May 9, '13 7:57pm PST 
Glad to hear an update. And no, I'm sure no one thinks badly of you. Only you know when the time is right, and you will know. I have never been in this position with one of my cats, but I have with a dog once, and it was very hard, and we were not ready either. I'm glad to hear she is still herself and is hanging in there. Enjoy your time with her, take lots of pictures of her, make a video. These are things I'm trying to do now with my own pets, to remember to take more videos! Such a precious thing to have forever. You just have to take it one day at a time, as goofy as that sounds. Hugs to you and kitty smile


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Purred: Fri May 10, '13 4:09am PST 
This is what my vet said to me last night when I brought up this subject. If he's still eating and interacting with his environment, walking around, stretching, eager to avoid me when I come with his meds, then it's not time to go yet, even if he has some level of discomfort at all times.

Purrs to you,
BB's mom


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Purred: Mon May 20, '13 2:50pm PST 
Keri, I applaud you! Give the chemo time to work - as long as you can. Perhaps it won't, but maybe it will. If you rush your decision, you will live with guilt and regret for a long time. When I knew that Morganna could not be saved, I, at one point, made an appointment to have her sent to the Bridge, as I was getting ready to leave for a couple of weeks in the mountains (where I'd found her years previously). Fortunately, I realized in time that I was doing it for my convenience, not for her good, so I canceled the appointment, and she went with us to the mountains that she loved. It was while we were there that I knew beyond doubt that it was time, so I drove the 200+ miles back to her doctor to send her on. I never regretted my decision to cancel that first appointment. Whatever happens, I do believe that you will be comfortable with the decision you just made. May Cinders' Creator bless you with the faith, the wisdom, and the courage to get through this.


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Purred: Fri May 24, '13 2:48am PST 
Dear Cinders and Cinders' Meouwmy....Jan here...!! I know I told you stuff that might help you if the worst happens, in an earlier post....and that all still stands, if (or when) you need that sort of help.....

HOWEVER like Morganna's Meouwmy says....I, too, took my Mambi to the vet(on the Wednesday), deeming it was time....and he said: 'No, not yet' and he gave her an injection....I took her home and she was SO LIVELY and LOVELY, and on the Thursday she came into the bathroom with me while I had a bath and she looked at me, bright eyed, and I sang to her and she played a little...and it was SO PRECIOUS - that ONE PRECIOUS AND LOVELY DAY....it was a gift (I don't know who from)..and she went to Rainbow Bridge the next day, on the Friday....but that one day - that Thursday - I have put in my magic jewellery-box - it was only one day - but it was (somehow) the whole of a life's loving (Mambo was 18)packed into a few hours.....in my magic jewellery-box it is a saphire...a beautiful deep blue stone....with Mambi at the heart of it.....

Sorry, I got carried away there.....but Cinders and Cinders' Meouwmy....perhaps it helps a bit?....just to know about other peoples' and pussycats' suffering and the ways they try to come to grips with it.....

Best love to both....sorry, no piccie of Mambi....it was so long ago...but she was black and long and thin and FEISTY.....

Jan xxx


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Purred: Mon Jun 3, '13 11:50am PST 
My sweet baby is gone cry Last Tuesday we sent Cinders to the Bridge. My grandma passed away two weeks ago, so I was forced to fly to Chicago for three days. My husband stayed back to administer her chemo meds/appetite stimulants, and our other cat's 6 meds. According to him, she ate her baby food like a champ and was really scarfing it down. I really think she was waiting for me to get back, because when I did, she literally quit eating. I went to syringe feed her, and while I was doing so, she looked at me like "why are you doing this to me? I can't anymore..." My heart was breaking because I knew it. I knew it was time. It was Memorial Day weekend so we just spent all the time with her and stopped all her meds and force feeding, so it would be a peaceful time for her. Tuesday morning, I took her out on our steps to enjoy the sun. She's not an outside kitty, so this was a treat. She was so weak at this point that I carried her everywhere.....Then my hubby came home and held her for the last time. We drove her to the vet without a carrier, and just let her enjoy the view from my lap. She really loved to ride. Putting her down was the hardest thing ever. She went fast as we cradled her.

I just picked up her cremated remains from the vet. They let us pick a beautiful handmade pottery urn, and made a really sweet paw print for us. And yes, I know we still have Pickles and I love her so, but Cinders was a very unique kind soul that can never be replaced. My little "dogcat." Never lifted a tooth or nail to anyone in her 13 years...


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hughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughug|: |hughughughughughughughughughughughughug

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It is never every easy, I went through cancer with my sweet Tallulah (QT) she had breast cancer, I knew from the beginning her changes of living long was slim...she had major surgery,went through the chemo, but in the end the cancer spread to her lungs. I watched her slowly waste away trying everything cause neither one of us was ready to say good bye and let her go. Then the night before I took her she managed to get on bed with me slept on me, I knew this was her gift to me to sleep on me one last time, so I then knew I had to give her my last gift..the gift of peace.

No one knows how this feels and what you went through, but knowing you are not alone can help in so many ways. you did the best you could and she let you know it was time for her to go...

Cancer is awful and horrible once you go through this with your beloved fur baby you will never get over it and it will always be there. Too many of our kitties are getting cancer....

I couldn't let my girl leave and go through what she went through without continuing her fight, so I have had bracelets made (Tallulah's kitty breast cancer awareness), she is all over the world now thanks to catster, she was a mascot for cat Moms walking the 3 day breast cancer walk, we have had a fundraiser to help raise money for research on kitty breast cancer...I did this to help me heal and to make others aware that cats, even dogs get breast cancer.

I have told you this because it helped me, now I hope you will find something to do to honor your sweet girl and help others....

Just know I am here if you need to talk...it has healing ways to be able to talk to another cat mom that has gone through cancer with their kitty.

Sending you our prayers and you all are in our thoughts.little angel

Tallulah (Queen Tallulah) & Mom


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Purred: Tue Jun 4, '13 1:34pm PST 
oh I am so very sorry for your loss. I am glad that she held on for you & that you got to spend some special time together, even though I am sure it was bittersweet. I wish I had magic words, but there really are none to ease your pain. I wish you peace & the comfort of having a special kitty in your life. hugs to you & your family & to Pickles too.hug fly free Cinders little angel

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