Kimba- That Indoor Cat that got bit by a Wild Snake INSIDE our home.

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Kimba- Happily Ever- After!
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I was renting a house in Pittsburgh that I was thinking of buying.
I put the litter boxes in the basement, and everything was going great.
One day I noticed a small, two pronged "bite" on my cat Butters head. It scabbed up and went away with no problem.
A couple weeks later, my cat Kimba appeared with the same two pronged scab on the side of his head, right where Butters was. This time I kept an eye on it.
As the day went on after the discovery on Kimba's head, his fur seemed to be fluffed up a bit. I wasn't sure if I was being paranoid or not. By nighttime, his face was definitely swollen. I webcammed with my mom in Florida, and she said take him to the vet in the morning.
So, the next day, I wake up, and I am totally shocked. A baseball sized lump was on his face. I immediately took him to the vet.
The vet asked me if Kimba was an outdoor cat, which I replied no, because he's never been outside. He asked me if I had any other pets, to which I replied I had Butters. He said "no snakes?" Nope. He said the bite looked like "two fangs." He decided the cats must have had to have gotten in a fight, which was an answer I wasn't comfortable with, because the two cats have never even lifted a paw to one another.
Then, the vet took his temperature in the back. When he came back, they said he has a 108 degree fever. The doctor gave him an antibiotic shot, and an anti-inflammatory shot. They said Kimba's fever was dangerously high, and could cause organ failure or brain damage.
The vet informed me that the abscess would burst in a day or two, gave Kimba the cone of shame, and sent us on our way.
Once Kimba was home, I went into the basement for whatever reason. When I walked up the stairs, I was confronted with a shedded snake skin. I proceeded to freak out, and call the vet. The vet said "I thought you didn't have any snakes." to which I replied, "it was a wild snake that got in the house!" The course of action for Kimba's recovery did not change. The vet would not be able to identify what kind of snake it was.
I decided to call Animal Control. A man identified the snake as a 6-8 foot Black Rat Snake. They are not poisonous (which makes sense since Butters healed with no problem.) Kimba's bite seemed to have gotten infected. The man would NOT remove the snake. Apparently the entire foundation of the house was cracked and needed to be fixed, or else the snakes would just keep coming in.
I moved the litter boxes up to the main floor, and closed the basement door once and for all.
At this point, Kimba was really suffering. He wouldn't eat, drink, or go to the bathroom. He would walk into a corner, and just stare at the ground, totally confused. I didn't think he was going to make it. I sat for hours holding him, rocking him on the rocking chair.
I thought if I got him some wet food and cats milk, maybe he would be interested in it because he is usually just on dry food and water. When I poured the cats milk onto a dish, it happened. The abscess burst.
I've NEVER seen anything like this. It was like a dam broke- Blood and pus just POURED out. Kimba freaked out, and was running wild around the house, blood everywhere. I managed to get him, and calm him down. For the next 2 hours, I was busy cleaning the open wound, making sure it was clean and no dirt. I must have used over 200 q-tips and warm, damp towels to remove the excess blood and pus. He was moaning in pain- it was horrible.
However, from here on out, things started to get better. Kimba was coming around- eating, drinking, and FINALLY going to the bathroom.
I took him back a week later for his second round of shots. The doctor said the wound was healing, and a couple more weeks of the cone, and he would be good to go.
Luckily his organs didn't shut down. Since the bite, he isn't the smartest cat out there, but he functions well, runs around, and is a very happy cat.
Once he was healed, I moved out of the house, and stayed in a small apartment for a month before moving out of state.
I'm glad Kimba is happy and healthy again. He had a rough start in life. Prior to me rescuing him, he was being terribly abused. Regardless, Kimba has turned out to be a great cat. I'm so lucky to have him!


You may call me- Sir...
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Glad to hear Kimba is doing well...as a kitty mommy i know how scary it must be to see the kids in pain and discomfort!! Glad you moved out of that house and I hope they fix it up before some other kids (four legged or two) get bit!


No...the magic- is still- here...!!!
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Dear Kimba's Meouwmy...Wow...!! That is some story...!! Really frightening...!! But it had a good ending...!! I wrote to you yesterday, to tell you a similar story of mine....but the post did not get through....I'll try again today, back in a minute.....



No...the magic- is still- here...!!!
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Many years ago, when I had not been the carer of cats for very long....one of my cats, Mambo, got bitten (by a snake, I am almost sure) on the top of her head......I did not pick up on it AT ALL....and then one day, Mambo was sitting on my lap and STUFF started coming out of the top of her head...!! I was frantic, and, even more so, for a little while....because I did not know what was happening, ad I thought her brains were coming out of the top of her head...!! How foolish is that...!! shrug

I rushed her to the vet....I'm not sure what happened there...perhaps he gave her an injection..don't know....but, anyway, she got better and lived for many, many years more...!!

Regarding this about abscesses...other cats of mine over the years have developed abscesses occasionally (and I have picked up on them - I am a more experienced Meouwmy now) and the vet used to lance the lump and then leave a small hole open in the lump, by tying a piece of thick cotton through the hole...so that the abscess could drain in its own time......don't know if they do that now...probably not....but it did work....

All best wishes



Kimba- Happily Ever- After!
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Thanks everyone. smile Out of my three cats, I really think that Kimba APPRECIATES and VALUES the quiet, happy, normal life we have. (the others may take it more for granted because they don't have anything bad to compare it to.) Maybe he doesn't remember everything verbatim, but I feel that he KNOWS that life could be so much worse. Despite the rough start, he is an amazing cat, and lives his happy days with his "brother," and, "sister."

Jimmy Riddle

I have come- home...maybe....
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Dear Kimba's Meouwmy.....I have been looking your furry family up on your home pages....they all three sound and look lovely...but especially Shmeg (is that right?)...she sounds wonderful and would be friends with my Tambolina if they could ever meet...!! Tambi is an evil little cow too...!!

But I think I know what you mean about Kimba...about the extra bit of love...and sadness...that you give to a cat who you know has had a bad time....

We have always, before, had our cats from being kittens....but we saved our cat Jimmy, Jimmy Riddle, from the terrible weather of 2010....he was an adult stray and we were able to catch him in a cat-trap borrowed from the local vets....

We do not know anything of his life before he came to us (the vet said he was about 5 years old)....but he is friendly, gentle, clean and very loving...but, every now and again, something reminds him of...what?...don't know....and he cowers and cringes in fear....and I cry a bit and try to cuddle him....

If he was a human, he would be 'the boy next door'...he would wear glasses and he would, perhaps, stammer a little....but he would be Oh, so dependable...and so loving and so giving.....Mind you, he does jump on me at about 6.00am every morning...too much...just too much.....

Dear Kimba's (and THE SHMEG'S) Meouwmy....if you send me your email address via pawmail, I could send you a picture of something really funny that THE SHMEG might like (for when she goes clubbing)....!!

Piccie of Jim coming up...but the post is from me - Jan, Tambolina and Jimmy Riddle....

Best wishes to all....but mainly to Kimba...



Kimba- Happily Ever- After!
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I sent your my email address. smile

I may have saved Kimba from a terrible life and an equally awful infection, but these three cats have also given me a precious gift- unconditional love. They follow me everywhere, wait by the door when I get home, jump on my lap when I cry, and all pile next to me when every night when I got to sleep, only to be in the same spot when I wake up in the morning.

People get the impression that all cats are standoffish and selectively affectionate. Not these three.

Without them, I don't know where in life I'd be, or even be here at all. I want to return this eternal gratefulness by giving them the best life possible, because they deserve nothing but.