Annual Vet Check-up and vaccines

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Hello everyone!
Please help us. I'm very worried about goo. I tried to change title but can't figure out how!

Goo and his brother took a trip to the vets office today! Both received three year rabies shots and the form says FCVRP. We were told that Goo has severe gingivitis and needs a teeth cleaning soon. What does this entail? I believe Goo is four or five and is fed mostly wet food. When we give him dry, he swallows it whole. The vet recommended we add biotene (sp?) to their water. Any thoughts on this?

More concerning- Goo is now acting lethargic, walking funny and not eating food that is presented. We have never seen him refuse food of any kind. His brother also refused the food. They received their shots at 10am and had a meal around 630 which they both ate without any issues.

Could the vaccines be bothering them now? Any info? I'm hoping he improves soon or else it might a trip to the kitty er. :o(

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I'd be changing vets; cats should NEVER be given the 3-year rabies vaccine! I know whereof I speak, having had Morganna develop cancer from that vaccine. It's fine for dogs, but not for cats.

The lethargy and lack of appetite can well be from the injections. Mordred had his today (Friday), and he didn't come for his supper. Give it a day or two; remember, putting all that into their systems can be a bit traumatic. If he's not better, then better check with the vet. Good luck!


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How are your kitties doing? I hope they're feeling better! hug

It's pretty normal for cats to feel yucky right after getting vaccinations, but they should get better within a day or so. If they're still acting sick the day after, it could be a more serious reaction.


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Thank you for your posts! Both kitties are doing fine. I didn't realize that the one year vaccine is better for them than the three year. I believe this is the first time they have gotten the three year vaccine. I will ask the vet next time we go back. Goo will need to go in for his teeth cleaning. I was so worried seeing how Goo eats EVERYTHING and always begs for more food all the time. We had to put safety locks on our cabinets to keep him from pulling food out!