Cat's unknown type dry heaving...????

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Well i don't know what to call it. My cat about 8 months old, just recently got fixed ( i don't know if matters). Well lately maybe once every 2 days or so, she like dry heaves.
OK say you inhale and somewhat forcefully push air out your nose, she does this several times.It is like a sneeze but also like she trying to get a fur ball up.
It doesn't seem to effect her, first few times i have picked her up not knowing and she stopped.
Really just asking if anybody knows what it could be, and if i should be alarmed. it does not seem to serious so not taking her to the vet yet, but curious of what it could be.

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What you describe sounds like "reverse sneezing." Cats will occasionally do this but if your cat is doing it any more than once in a great while, you should have him checked by the vet because medical problems such as feline asthma, foreign bodies, or dental problems etc, can also cause this.

https://v2.pethub.com/articles/behavior/reverse-sneezing- whats

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Your cat could very well have feline asthma and yes it is very serious! By waiting your cat is causing more and more damage to her lungs and breathing airway. Please take her to the vet asap!!! http://www.ibdkitties.net/felineasthma.html

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Your description does sound like reverse sneezing. Our cat Scooter had episodes of reverse sneezing. At the time, I didn't know what it was, so I took video of her during an episode and showed it to the vet. The vet said it was reverse sneezing.

Then last year I thought Beepers was coughing occasionally but I wasn't sure it was a cough. I took video and the vet confirmed it was a cough. (Beepers had chest x-rays and blood tests to see whether it might be asthma - it turned out to be bronchitis and it cleared up on its own.)

So if you can get some video, it could help the vet diagnose.

Here is a link to video of Scooter 'reverse sneezing' (it may be slow to load):
Scooter reverse sneezing (at age 18)