would you get your cat a dental?

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Miss Tiny- Burr Burr

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This year is the first year there is some tartar buildup in Tiny and Angels teeth. they are 7 years old. The vet wants a teeth cleaning, which requires the cats to be put under. This scares the crap out of me.

I am not 100% sure they need it. They have no infected teeth, no bad breath, no issues. BUT this dosn't mean over time they wont get this. I dont konw if its worth the risk.They would get bloodwork beforehad, but its still a risk.

Would you put your cat under for this, in hopes it will extend there life? there is the chance they could die while under, but its slim. but i have seen cats and dogs die from surgery. =/


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Dear Miss Tiny Burr Burr......I seem to remember you from a past life (ie. before our Meouwmy got so very old and forgetful...!!)

She is thinking about your question and will reply later....and will be very interested to see what other people and pussycats think.....It's a good question...

Many kitty-kisses

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Miss Tiny- Burr Burr

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Yes colin, i was a regular poster some time ago and i come back every now and then. smile

I think i may wait 6-12 months if i do this. I want to try brushing her teeth daily and dental treats to see if they help. At this point, her teeth are not that bad,just showing a bit of buildup. but thats normal for an older kitty. (shudder! when did she get older?? yikes)


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Me and my sisfur had our dental procedures done a few months ago. We're older kitties and had a lot of tartar built up on our teeth. Mine were also infected, and two of my teeth had to be taken out. My sisfur's was worse though. She needed seven taken out! It's good to have your teeth done yearly, so that they don't need to get as bad as ours did.

Miss Tiny- Burr Burr

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Purred: Sun Feb 10, '13 6:42am PST 
I started brushing Tiny and Angels teeth daily. They seem to think its "ok" as long as they get treats afterword.

I think i might wait 6-12 months and see if there is any change. I see minimal tartar on the backteeth so i think its okay to wait. I guess im skeptical because i worked at a clinic and that while many cats need dentals, they also bring in a lot of money (200 bucks EACH even with a discount) i also am scared about the cats being put under for something. So thats why i want to wait and see what daily brushing can do, along with dental treats and raw chicken chunks added to there diet for cleaning.

They still might get a dental if there is no change or it gets worse. right now they have no issues. every checkup up untill now has been "wow their teeth are super clean" and now this year its "they could use a dental" so, idk.

I was bullied into getting a rescue cat surgery many years ago that i felt wasn't worth the risk and the cat died. so i promised myself i would think over any non emergency surgery carefully.

Orange Ruffy

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hi Miss Tiny Burr Burr,

having dentistry saved my life. I had very bad teeth from my FIV+. I not only made it through, but prospered.

Our vet has a tech attending, watching the anesthsia, and we are on fluids the whole time.

no matter what you are considering, purring up a storm for you.



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I just had Yuki's teeth cleaned. He was completely fine (aside from a lost voice). His gums were blood red about a week ago, so the vet recommended a cleaning so they could see what was going on. Turns out everything was fine! I was even given some stuff to sprinkle on his food to help keep plaque from building up.