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My cat Rocky for the past two months or so seems to be battling off some kind of respiratory infection. It's been very strange, he had never had any problems like this before. We noticed he was sneezing like crazy at first, and sounded pretty congested. He would have a massive sneezing fit, until snot flew out of his nose... Like huge mucus balls. He didn't really have any other symptoms of a resp infection, so we took him to the vets and got him a weeks worth of medication (Honestly can't remember what it was called, started with a 'c' was white and possibly banana flavored) And they sent us home with a bottle of lysine. They ended up shorting us a day of meds but he sounded better for two weeks. Then it started again, he's never wheezy and he never has crusty eyes/nose just the sneezing fits.

We don't use strongly scented candles or air fresheners in our house, and we don't smoke in the house. I have rats so they are really sensitive to these things as well.

After it came back the second time we took him back to the same vets, she wanted to do x-rays and test for feline leukemia. X-rays sure, feline Leukemia? Why? Since they shorted us meds but he got better for a while after the first time I opted to go for a second round of medication, with a stronger dose and for a longer time span, I know with rats its usually ten days on the antibiotics. So she sent us home with ten days (twice a day) worth of tuna flavored Doxycycline, and we continued with the lysine. This time he was perfect again, and for over a month he sounded great. I was positive the medication had made him better. But for the past week or so we are noticing the sneezing creeping back again, and his one eye has been weeping for two days. Clear fluid, nothing crusty or discoloured looking.

I messaged the rescue I got him from to ask if he had been tested for the feline leukemia and they said they don't test for that unless it's suspected because it's very rare and shouldn't be the reason for any resp issues. The rescue gave him all the 'norm' vaccinations when they have him fixed, including the one for Uris. The vet is suggesting he may have asthma, but I don't see why the antibiotics would be helping the asthma?

Has anyone here had anything similar? It's not that I'm not willing to pay the vets money to fix my cat, it's just that I know some vets will run a thousand unnecessary tests just to get extra money out of you. I have a really good vet that I usually take my rats too, and they would never charge me a dime over what they had too. So I'm considering taking him there, it's just that they are pretty far away, like an hour train ride and a half an hour on a bus. So I really don't think my poor ca would enjoy that trip. Any thoughts, insight or past experiences would be GREATLY appreciated! I just want my poor guy to get better. He seems totally fine besides the sneezing and now the weeping eye, activity level, appetite, and potty habits all appear normal. I should also note that his sneezing is very minimal compared to the past times he has been sick, but it's only been a weekish since we noticed it creeping back.

Sorry for the novel!!! laugh out loud


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URIs are often caused by viral outbreaks. A lot of cats carry the Feline Herpes virus without symptoms, but then can suddenly have outbreaks from stress or a weakened immune system. Your vet might prescribe antibiotics to treat or prevent a secondary bacterial infection, but the virus still needs to run its course.

L-Lysine is a good immune booster. It will help Rocky's immune system fight off the virus, and you can also use it long-term to prevent more outbreaks.

Here's a good article I found about URIs: Viral Upper Respiratory Infections in Cats

Hope you feel better soon, Rocky! Keep us posted! hug


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hey rocky, not sure about the sneezing, but, the watery eye can be the start of the Feline Herpes virus, cesar had it. it started with the clear watery liquid from one eye, he needed eye drops, then the eye doctor switched him to pills, then it went away. so, our advice is stay on the lysine, ceasar and my 3 other kitties are on it, talk to your vet about the runny eye, and it being the Feline Herpes virus. if you have any questions, feel free to pawmail us.



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Tia had Feline Conjunctivitis twice as a kitten...her vet told me it could be something she gets continually or she may not get it again. Each time she was taken to the vet with discharge from her eye(s), sneezing, she wasn't eating, vomiting...all that wonderful stuff. If left untreated it can become life-threatening. Have you thought about getting a second opinion??