Kitten suddenly pooping and then peeing outside of litterbox.

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I forgot about the bloating - slippery elm might help that. In any event it won't hurt anything if you wanted to try it. I'm so glad you've found some affordable options - yay!


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Appointment was today so the bloodwork's been taken. Will find results on Monday. They also gave her antibiotics. I am not sure what that is for and what does it do. If anyone knows, can you please explain?


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She's normal via bloodtest. Liver, heart, thyriod, blood and white blood cells, and yada yada. Ugh, why is it so hard to find what's wrong with her? Still pees outside of litter box. Caught her once hanging out by the waterbowl. Maybe because she's fascinated with water (she really is), but I dunno.

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It may be that she just needs to be re-introduced to the way of the home. Cats are naturally very clean so there may be some reason why she started this behavior. Once started cats are by nature very habit oriented so one thing is to reset that habit.

The problem with putting saran on the sink was that it showed "OK, you can go here". Also not good to spray a cat for pooping. The cat does not know why they are being sprayed. It will just impact your relationship. Also if the cats pan is in the room and she is sprayed she may make the wrong connection. Remember she can smell a perfectly clean litter pan as hers!

So we need to check some things before resetting her Poop-Plan.

1. Is the pan in a place where it is private? Cats like privacy. High traffic is no good.
2. Are there other pets? Is this a territorial issue? One pan per cat at least is the rule.
3. Territorial may not mean just in the home. Middining is pooping to mark territory. If there are strays outside she may be doing this.
4. Covered pan? Open it!
5. Scented Litter? Use unscented!
6. There are wonderful "Starter Litters". You can find these at your local pet store. Ask and you shall receive.
7. Have you changed litter? If so change back!
8. How big is your home? The kitten may need several pans. One on each floor and possibly more if you have a big home.

OK Now to the Re-Configuring Poop-Plan
As said cats are clean. She may need to spend time in a place that is small (Powder room) with a clean pan. She will go in the pan not in the room if it is in there. Leave her there when you are not at home and at night. Once she starts using the pan slowly let her out for longer and longer times. Once she starts going she will keep it up. It may help to put her in with her pan after meals. I know my crew all have set times for pan duty. My Rumpy goes every day when I come home. Greetings Pops! MOL!
Hope this helps!

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