felv private rescue having a rough go

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Does anyone out there have FELV cats, dealing with county ordances, just unsure of the outcome. I have a small rescue, I receive NO money, NO help, just doing all I can for these babies. I feel so alone as I am trying get my permit. I am not a hoarder, not anyone other than knowing FELV cats need a home. Anyone out there doing what I am doing that could give me some support, chin up, keep going, or let it go. Thank you, barbara


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I don't have experience with FELV but as a foster for a rescue group I know that homeless kitties need all the help they can get. The healthy ones have it hard enough, the FELV and FIV+ kitties are in dire straights. It's wonderful that you're helping them. Please hang in there and know how much your efforts are appreciated!


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Bless you for what you are trying to do. A sick kitty needs just as much, even more love than the healthy ones. They deserve happiness too. Maybe try & contact Petco or the like regarding some donations? Or if there is a TNR group in your area, they may be able to help with some ideas too. Your efforts are not unnoticed - there are little hearts with 4 paws that appreciate them very much. Maybe if you can get a site going with a donation such as chipin, that may help you too. Paws up to you! cheerapplausehappy dancehail