Do you collar your indoor cat?

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always has time- to lick your- face
Purred: Fri Dec 21, '12 6:22pm PST 
We are all chipped, but Mom has also tried to put collars on us so people don't mistake us for strays. We all take them off though. Only one kept his on, he has passed on now.


Purred: Sun Dec 23, '12 6:33am PST 
All three kitties, microchipped, collared (safety buckled) and ID barrel with name and address...just incase....


Mama's Lil Ding- Dong
Purred: Sun Dec 23, '12 1:53pm PST 
I'm collared 24/7 simply because mom would rather have a collar on me and not to rather than need to have a collar on me and not have one.


Purred: Tue Jan 8, '13 4:15am PST 
My mom wanted me to tell you that two days ago, her oldest daughter's kitten, Boots, who is 4 months old, almost had a tragic ending due to a collar. Not trying to scare anyone, just wanted to give them a heads up. Boots and her daughter live with my Nana, and Nana heard Boots making a racket in the other room, and suddenly, Boots ran up next to her and she saw that his collar was stuck in his mouth and tightly around his neck and stuck. His mouth and paws were bleeding from him trying to get it off. She cut the collar off right away, with scissors, and cleaned up his paws and saw that he had cut his mouth a little, but he was ok and didn't need to go to the vet. But it scared her. Mom's daughter thought that Boots needed a collar in case he got out of the house and got lost. She even bought one that said it was a safety collar, but she did buy it at the local grocery store so she is thinking it obviously was not a very good one. My mom told her that she did not like collars, especially for naughty little kittens (like me), that you just had to be very, very careful about when you open and close doors, and to get him microchipped. I just wanted to share this story, not to scare anyone. I'm sure there are collars out there that would not do what this one did, and I wish my mom's daughter had gotten one of those. I'm just glad that Boots is ok, because he is very cute and I like him. He spent the night at my house on Christmas, and even though he wouldn't play with me, he didn't try to beat me up, so I like him.


Purred: Tue Jan 8, '13 12:40pm PST 
I'm an indoor cat, but I do get to go outside for walks (on a leash), and I have run outside a couple of times.

Dad got me used to wearing a beastie band with a boomerang tag (that slides on, instead of dangles), but when that one wore out, it never got replaced.

He's actually a bit embarassed about this lapse.

I'm pretty good about not trying to run outside now, but maybe he should get me a new collar just to be safe.


Tia the- Terrific!
Purred: Fri Jan 11, '13 2:23am PST 
I have a collar for Tia but she doesn't wear it for normal daily activity. If there's going to be high traffic in the house then I put it on her so I can hear if she tries to go outside. Also have two indoor pits that aren't collared while indoors but are collared for going into public.

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Purred: Sat Jan 12, '13 10:10am PST 
We had a collar on Ralphie for a while, but he always seemed to get out of it. It was really cute whenever he would come running, since the bells on it would start ringing. We called him jingle bells for a while. laugh out loud


I didn't do it!
Purred: Sun Jan 13, '13 12:27am PST 
I do collar Amber, even though she is indoor, because she slips outside sometimes and even though she is chipped, we have a feral population and I don't want her mistaken for a feral cat and carted off (she would act feral if someone unfamiliar approached her)

I use this, the one with the break away snap. It is extremely lightweight and it doesn't bother her a bit. I know because she finds a way to remove traditional collars within a couple of hours. The stretch function isn't very effective, but the break away snap is very responsive.


Purred: Sun Jan 13, '13 6:49am PST 
I love the breakaway collar! I will pass that info off to those I know that use collars.


Dressed to Kill
Purred: Sun Jan 13, '13 10:54am PST 
I always have a collar on and im an indoor kitty. I have a collar because i love to run outside the door, but i hate the outdoors, so i get lost. My collar will easily fall off if I get stuck,and i also have an id tag on it. kitty

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