Wounds behind ear...scabbish

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So there's these 2 cats that hang around at the place I work and we feed them chicken, pizza, cat food, etc. depending on the day

anyways the big fluffy one has had these odd scabs behind her ears for 2 or maybe even 3 weeks now....I feel like a buttface for not remembering to do this sooner but sometimes they get red but most of the time maroon

Chester's [we call him that cause the guy likes to eat cheetos] Meows have also changed from "Meeeeow" to "reeeeehr" not really a pur but it's odd....the reason haven't taken him to a vet is because his partner's not as friendly and hisses a lot and I don't want to separate them

any medication to help? Here's a picture



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Don't use peroxide. A lot of people us this on themselves and their pets, and it does nothing but eat flesh. It could be fleas. Can you check the cats for fleas? I would get them to a veterinarian. If you can't afford a vet, give them a good bath. You will need at least two people handy for this! Make sure to have large towels to restrain and dry the cats as needed. My cats recently got fleas. I treated them, but it's taking a long time. I just bathed all 11 of them a few days ago and I got tons of fleas off of them. They seem to be feeling better now. Boy, they are some spoiled cats. They love when I hold ice cubes so they can lick them. They actually enjoy getting in the freezer and licking bags of frozen vegetables! LOL!!! At least they are eating and drinking better after I got the fleas off.


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Honestly, this could be anything. Maybe just a wound, maybe cancer. Skin cancer is most common on the ears. But, I wouldn't jump to the worst case scenario. You can purchase an e-collar from the vet and put it on the cat to keep him from messing with the area. This will let it heal. He needs to leave the area alone. It should be healed within 10 days. If it is still there after a 10 day period, have the vet biopsy it. Paul recently had the same thing on the back of both ears. We tried several medications and nothing helped. I thought she was going to loose her ears! I finally tried yucca extract powder mixed in with her food. Her ears healed up within a few days! She is all better now. It is something to try. You can purchase it online. Make sure the cats are eating a healthy diet. Their food should be made with all human grade ingredients.

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gahhh he's not our cat though

I guess I'll have to catch and deliver him -.-