My son rolled on Dante - trouble with hind legs

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Pete- Fountain

So happy to have- a safe and- loving home!
Purred: Thu Dec 13, '12 11:21am PST 
I cried when she read your post. It sounds like you are doing all the right things to help your son deal with this. I lost four cats when I had to evacuate my home before Hurricane Katrina, I had to take my elderly step-mother to safety, and we NEVER dreamed the flooding would be so severe (12 feet of water inside the house). I felt very guilty also....thinking "what if". three of mine were 4 month old kittens (littermates). After I joined CATSTER I read, probably in a Forum, that someone posted that when a kitten or puppy goes to the Rainbow Bridge is is met by a child now in Heaven, who loved animals, and now has a pet. Perhaps this will be of comfort to James, I liked to think of my three kittens being greeted by children, who could love them until I join them.
Your family had done a great deal to help cats, and we all know what happened was an accident.

As Tambolina said, perhaps another kitten - when James is feeling better, and perhaps a kitten will find you all. Certainly mine all found me. Please keep us posted.

Pete Fountain and The New Orleans Kitties

P.S. Kind regards to the lovely Miss Tambolina

little angel

Alfie - Angel DB#14

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This is one of the saddest things I have ever read. It is just so, so sad. I am crying buckets.

James we know you never meant to hurt Dante. Please don't be hard on yourself. This wasnt your fault. Dante will always be very special to you.

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