red rimmed eyes w/ some discharge

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I've got a stray kitten approx 16 wks old & she's been w/ us about 10 wks. A couple wks ago her eyes started being watery & there is some yellowish discharge. They don't get stuck shut but we're constantly wiping eye buggers. During her 2nd round of shots at the vet last wk I mentioned it to the vet & he said they're Ok. As he's a quiet guy I was surprised when he didn't elaborate.
Obviously something is going on, even if she doesn't need medical attention. None of the other household kitties are exibiting any eye problems. The only thing I can think of that's different is that we've recently started using the fireplace for the season.
I welcome any thoughts on this including anything I can do to offer her some relief. I know you're not supposed to use people eye drops that get the red out, but what about plain lubricating drops?

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I would either take her back to the vet and insist that there's something that needs to be addressed - or get a second opinion. I once adopted a cat who otherwise would've been abandoned; her one eye was very watery. The owner said that they eye had been that way, but she did nothing about it. I took the cat to one vet, who wiped the eye and told me to put Vaseline below it to keep the hair from "burning" off. Well, that might take care of the hair, but what about the cause??? I took the cat to another vet, who gave me medication for the eye; it cleared up shortly and never bothered her again. If your first vet hasn't given you satisfaction, find another.


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Lady is right, if the your vet does not want to or is not worried, about the eye, i would go get a second opinion ASAP, like monday!!!. red eyes and yellow discharge is not normal. it could be something simple or it could be somethng like the herpes virus, which is not hard to control. also, you can start kitty on lysine, it is safe, and all four of mine get it each day. cesar has the herpes virus, and he has had it since he was about 3 months old. good luck, keep us updated.



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Eye discharge is very common in cats. You will need to restrain the kitten, so that you can clean the eyes. The appearance of the discharge can indicate what you are dealing with. Wipe the eyes with a soft cloth. After this, release your kitten calmly, not making a big deal about what just happened. You should then call the vet and tell them the characteristics of the discharge you just wiped from your cat's eyes. Always approach cats in a calm manner. Using a blanket can help restrain a panicked feline. Always rinse out the cloth you used on your cat's eyes before using it again. Use caution when approaching a cat with eye discharge, as they may not be seeing perfectly and could be uncomfortable. It is not uncommon for a cat that doesn't feel well to become aggressive.