Kitten having health issues

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My 8 month old kitten ate cat litter and got a bowel obstruction. The vet did his emergency surgery and he lived through it and is continuing to get better. However, the reason we took him to the vet was because he was stumbling around everywhere and they stumbled on the obstruction. The vet said his stumbling might have been because his electrolytes are off balance. It has been 11 days since his surgery and he is still having issues walking. I am worried! He has a follow up appointment this week, but the vet doesn't specialize in cats. What else could be going on? Could a vitamin deficiency cause leg weakness or neurological issues? The reason I ask is because he continues to want to eat litter (so I switched to world's best cat litter he won't eat that) and I catch him licking the rocks on our fireplace.

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Wondering if you could either get to another vet who knows more about Cats, or try the Cornell Hotline-they are amazing. Below is the #.
1-800-KITTYDR (1-800-548-8937)

They might be able to assist you or provide you with suggestions.


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I'm not a vet, I'm a professional cat groomer. However, I would consider the possibility of a stroke. If he seems comfortable, you can wait for the checkup. I know it is very hard having a sick cat. I'm sure others will eventually chime in soon. I hope your kitty gets better ASAP! What is his name? Did the stumbling get worse after the surgery? That makes me wonder if it could be a stroke. I sure hope your baby will be okay. I would have the vet test for FIV, if your cat hasn't been vaccinated for it, as vaccinated cats show false positives. We all want our babies to thrive. I hope this is nothing serious. How are things going recently? Is he improving? I don't think waiting for the checkup would be a bad idea. Please keep us informed! I hope everything will be okay! Welcome to Catster, by the way! wave


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I replied to your other post, but I would like to add a story about a cat I had who was wobbly. 5 days after getting this cat she was slowly getting worse. She tested possitive for diabetes. Additional testing reveiled a spinal tumor. Six days after that diagnosis, she could barely move and it turned out that the diabetes and tumor together had caused a raging infection. Finally, she lost the use of both back legs. Anyway, I think your cat probably has a UTI. Get your vet to do a urinalysis. This is the only way they can test for a UTI. The #1 reason cats pee in inappropriate places (not sure if your cat has this symptom) is a UTI. Like I said, they must take a urine sample to diagnose this. This is the only way. Antibiotics can usually clear up the infection. Most cats are very neat animals and will use their litterboxes and keep themselves very clean.


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How is your kitten's appetite? Has he lost any weight? Have you noticed an increase in thirst? Do you think you could provide more detail about the walking issues? Is there limping? Is he wobbly? Is he dragging? What does he do when you touch his feet? Do his paws feel cold at all? Is it all the legs or just one that is having a problem? I would consider something called aortic thromboembolism. This is caused by a blood clot forming in the heart and dislodging. It's very common in cats with hyperthyroidism. How are his bathroom habits? I recommend researching aortic thromboembolism in cats. I hope you find some useful information. I recommend you get your kitten to the vet as soon as possible. You need to find out what is going on with your baby! This may be an injury, too.