Cat Suddenly Not Shedding his Outer Claw Layer

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Mr. Pitiful
Purred: Sat Nov 17, '12 4:52am PST 
My old man kitty has been having a really odd problem. His front claws are getting 'thick'. I keep them trimmed and have several scratching posts around, and he's never been the absolute best about shedding those outer layers, but now they're getting to the point where if I try to trim them, it cracks his nail to the quick.

Obviously being something that I do not want to do, I'm starting to wonder what else I can do. I waited two weeks longer to see if he would pull them off himself, but it's not happening. Is there anything I can do to help him?

♥- Roxy- ♥

Polydactyl Maine- Coons Rule!
Purred: Sat Nov 17, '12 11:27am PST 
My senior cat had that problem when she was old and sick and stopped 'sharpening' her claws on anything. I had to pull the dead outer layers off myself before I clipped her nails. She hated it but it was the only way to get it off, otherwise like you said her nails would sometimes crack when I clipped them...
The other thing you could do is try to encourage him to use the scratching posts/items you have for him or maybe buy some new things to scratch on and see if he will use them.

Miss Puff

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Purred: Tue Nov 20, '12 7:26pm PST 
I am 12 years old and still like to play and scratch things, mostly wood.
Please make sure you are getting enough fatty acids in your food, as it could help with your toe nails. I will not let Meow touch my toe nails. mol My Brofur Sootball, has extra toes and he will sit in her lap while she trims them...
Best of luck and I also like the idea of your owner, removing them for you.
You can also ask your Vet person about this, if it does not get any better.
Best of luck,
Please let us know how things go.


Georgian Blue
Purred: Sat Dec 1, '12 1:09pm PST 
You might want to try a different type of scratching post. My cats love the scratch lounge, which is made from recycled cardboard. I also have a SmartCat scratching post, which is Amber's favorite. We actually have quite a few different types of scratchers around the home, including one called the Imperial, which is also made from cardboard, but is in the shape of a lounger. Vihan could spend all day on that thing! Kong makes a good quality scratcher that is very cheap (only around $5). Imperial also makes scratchers you hang on the door, which some cats really like. There are door scratchers made from sisal and some made from cardboard. We also purchased a cat climber that goes on the back of doors and is like a huge cat scratcher with perches. Our cats love this, but it took them a little while to get use to their perch moving when we opened and closed the door! laugh out loud