Cat health ?

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MY family cat is 22 will be 23 in march. well she's an inside cat she use to be chubby but now she's skin and bones. she throws up a lot depending on the cat food. just recently she's been having her tongue out and doesn't put it back in her mouth for awhile or u touch it.

could something be wrong with her health? any ideas what might be wrong?

could she have had a stroke?

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Please just take your ancient and venerable cat to see a good vet....she is so old for a cat....perhaps they will be able to sort her out for a while....or perhaps it is nearly her time.....who knows? But a good vet will know....

I am so happy for you that you have kept her for so long....My so dearly-loved cat, Joseph Conrad, only made it to nearly 18 and I thought that was good....!!

Please take her to a good vet (a GOOD one, mind) and let us know what they say?

All best wishes

Jan (and Grandad Conrad) xxx