Please help me with my pretty girl love, Luna! She is a torti-shell and losing her hair

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So, Luna is our BABY. I'm a single mom of two....and she is such an important part of our family! Over the past month, I noticed her back-end looking thinner. She's already overweight (when I adopted her, she had been fixed and de-clawed). She is now 5 years old and we have lived here for three years...NEVER had a problem with her going out in my backyard completely privacy fenced haven...until now. I thought she was having skin allergies until tonight...we were petting her and I noticed her back hind legs losing hair now...then I *gulp* saw a FLEA! My daughter has had breakout bumps on her forehead (cat sleeps on top of her head on her pillow)...we thought it was the shampoo she was using, but now I think my daughter was bitten by fleas. I only saw one...immediately applied Petsmart store brand flea/mosquito medication to her neck down her shoulder blades. She is secluded in another bedroom tonight. I'm kinda freaking out here now...being a Nurse, I am a bit over the top when it comes to health and hygiene. What are the next steps for me to get rid of the fleas that I'm sure have, by now, infested my home? I noticed her hair loss over two months ago and just tonight discovered the flea crawling on her rear end frown Any advise/help/ experience would be most appreciated!!! Thanks in advanced!!!


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Dear Luna's Meouwmy.....Hi...!! Jan here from England.....

I am ALWAYS having trouble with fleas and flea allergies with my cats (4 cats - large house).....I am always (on and off) down the vets with the flea allergies....!!

You may freak out totally at this....but it is what the vet is always telling me....de-flea once a month (Frontline Combo), and ALWAYS spray the whole house, especially their bedding, where they sleep, in the corners of each room etc..etc with special house flea spray......it is hard for me because I have a huge house (18 rooms) and the cats go everywhere....!! But you have to try to keep on top of it....for your own and your human family's sake, but also for the cats' sake....Miss Lil takes the fur off her back end with the allergy, and poor Colin's reaction to the allergy is to make his back fur sopping wet and to freak out when I just tickle his back a little bit....!! I took Colin to the Vets this Monday just gone for the flea-allergy.....(given anti-inflammatory injection)...

Perhaps other people can tell you more helpful stuff? But that is my experience.... (Tambi and Jim seem to be almost immune, but every now and again you can see their backs twitching...!!)....

All best wishes



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Please, please be careful with over the counter flea meds - they're very dangerous. You should only use the kind that vets have - Advantage or Capstar or the like. If you look around you'll see that OTC meds have harmed many cats. I'm sorry I can't help with how to get them out of the house but I thought I should bring this up.