FIV positive cats introduced to cats without it?

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Purred: Tue Nov 6, '12 2:12am PST 
Hello there,

So I've got a question that I hope you all can help with.

So at the moment I have two cats that are FIV positive. Their names are Sushi and Jack. We recently moved into a house with a few other people and three other cats. All of them are FIV negative, and the only other health problems they have is that the one has diabetes and is quite overweight. Originally we were planning on introducing them all but our vet claimed it was a bad idea because of how easily it could be passed on.

Everyone seems to want to go along with what the vet said in fear that their cat would contract FIV. They plan to just let the cats roam the house in shifts. However I feel that will create a lot of issues with marking and what not.

My reasoning is that we should introduce them because from what I know, they can only get it from deep bites, and we would never let them fight to that point, and even then it's not 100% that they will get it. Plus it'd be best for them all to get along for more exercise and what not instead of taking shifts.

What are your opinions? Am I right? Are they right? Any ideas on what we should do? I'll be reading responses to the other two cat owners by the way.


mon petit chat- noir
Purred: Wed Nov 7, '12 3:15pm PST 
River is an expert on this, as well as a few other kitties on here that live with non fiv kitties and are just fine.


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Purred: Wed Nov 14, '12 2:10pm PST 
You should listen to the vet. Always. That is why you pay them.

If the other cats get FIV, you will be held responsible for it and may end up having to pay for their vet visits. $$$$$$$

Make sure the other cats are vaccinated against FIV, if you must let them socialize.


Purred: Tue Nov 20, '12 3:54pm PST 
Hobbes- There is no vaccination that actually is shown to protect against FIV. There is a vaccination for it but they are no a 100% if it works of not. Also, not all vets are good, the only reason I go to this one is because we are looking for a new vet. Not all vets are good, so I don't just want to blindly follow a vet.

Marlin- Purrkins

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Purred: Wed Nov 21, '12 7:34pm PST 
You have very nice housemates - purrsonally - you would NEVER move into our home without making sure your cats would not come into contact with mine. I think you should keep the cats separated - why would you want to risk infecting negative cats?


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Purred: Thu Nov 22, '12 6:11am PST 
Hallo...Hi...it's Jan here, from England....I don't know anything about FIV and how to cope with introducing those kitties who have it to those who don't...BUT I DO KNOW ABOUT 'ROTATION' or letting some kitties out at one time and others at another time.....I had to do this for 18 months (we had 'guest' kitties for that long) and it worked PERFECTLY....

Honestly, I think it livened up the lives of each set of kitties....!! I imagine each set was thinking: 'Hhhuummm, what is that smell? Got to get the adrenaline going...might be needed'...!! IT WORKED TO ROTATE..!! Indeed it did...!! AND ONCE YOU GET INTO THE HABIT....it is 'easy peasy, lemon-squeezy'....!!

Well....that is my experience....that's all I can offer....good luck and much love whatever you do......


Alex (sweet angel girl)

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Purred: Thu Nov 22, '12 7:29am PST 
You can read about River and his FIV here on my site: http://www.ibdkitties.net/RiverFIV.html


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Purred: Fri Nov 23, '12 12:03pm PST 
Sushi, good for you for not blindly following! FIV is only passed through blood-drawn bites in cat fights. A cat that grew up with me was FIV positive and never gave it to any of us. He died of megacolon, but was otherwise healthy.

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Orange Ruffy

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Purred: Sun Nov 25, '12 5:51am PST 
Hello! Ruffy here! I have the FIV+ virus, as does Smokey, and we beleive the BUB.
We live with several non FIV+ cats, including at the moment Natalie, our Elderwise kitty, CK Angel Ryder, now a little over a year, Midnight, our newest, and our little foster guy, Calvin.

We have not passed on the virus. It can be passed through a deep bite wound, and even then, not always. It is mostly transmitted through tomcat fights when they are intact. We all run and jump and play here and non of our non FIV cats have ever tested positive....and that even includes the one time there was a catapalooza here and Natalie and Smokie got into it.

Vets who say this haven't studied enough on the variables of the virus! Some will tell people it's better to have their cats with it put to sleep...which means killed!!! Why? What have we done besides get something that we didn't ask for? And we're mostly peacable creatures...

There is so much misinformation about FIV+. Best Friends website has alot of info on it...but we are a 'mixed' household, and doing just fine, thank you.


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