My Cats Stool is runny

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My cat is 13/14 weeks old, and has been on Whiskas Kitten food since we had him. We were giving him Whiskas cat milk which we thought was the cause, but since taking him off the milk the runny stool has continued. Does anyone know what else it could be? Or what I could possibly do to help. He's not poorly in himself, still very lively and happy. Its just the runny stool confused


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has he been to a vet yet? He could have worms, or giardia, which would cause this. The cat milk is really for a treat once in a while - that could have caused it. You could try some plain pumpkin not the pie filling, just plain - a little bit can help loose poopies. I would strongly suggest you speak to your vet though. It could also be a food allergy as Whiskas really is full of corn. Good luck!wave