Mass Sneezing

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Mr. Pitiful
Purred: Tue Sep 25, '12 9:15am PST 
I'm wondering if there's anything other than bordetella that can be transmitted from dogs to cats.

My dog is vaccinated, but she's still a pup and had a persistent sneeze for three or four days about a week and a half ago. She's not sneezing anymore, but now the cats have taken up the sneezing. With gusto. Tai sneezes like a fire hose and has done his best to spray me straight in the face as much as possible.

It's only a few times a day and mostly noticeable around feeding time when they all get worked up. I've also got two rescues who just got spayed two weeks ago and one of them is sneezing, too, so I'm concerned.

Alex (sweet angel girl)

Angel on a- mission!
Purred: Tue Sep 25, '12 10:50am PST 
Yes, an upper respiratory infection is highly contagious. Make sure that it doesn't become worse or you'll have to call the vet. thinking