Foods sick kitties can't resist?

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So Twitch has been to the vet and has gotten bloodwork and another pee test. The vet has said that he could have fatty liver disease, and if we can get him eating he could get better, but she's skeptical because of how quickly he got sick and how sick he is.

The only other options are liver cancer or a mass or tumor in his liver. She said we could do xrays and ultrasounds, but ultimately, it won't be treatable. She knows we're on a budget and has been being so amazing and honest about everything. I can't even explain how much better she is than the vet we took Tequila to in her last days. That vet was so vague and judgemental that we couldn't afford to take her to the mainland for very expensive tests for something that might not even be treatable.

We're getting some special food from the vet to try today, and I got some sardines that he sort of nibbled on a little bit. He did drink the juices from it though which is good, because he's been really dehydrated and not drinking any water. We also got some kitten milk that he drank a tiny bit of. So far all he's willing to actually eat is Temptations kitty treats; any actual food he just.. loses interest in.

Is there anything else we can try? The vet's recommended that if he doesn't start eating by Saturday that we should think about having him PTS. I don't want him to be in pain and suffering, but I want to do everythign I can to make him better. She also said it's possible that he won't even make it to Saturday.

I'm still sort of processing all of this. It hasn't really hit me yet that we're likely to lose him in less than a week. But when it does, I don't want to regret not trying something that I should've tried.


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Before Mika went to the bridge, he would have times when he would refuse to eat. Mom would cook some plain chicken breast with no seasoning or anything and mix the fat from that with a little bit of wet food. When she did that Mika would at least eat enough that she could mix his meds with it and he would take them.

If your kitty just likes really mushy food, you might try putting some wet food in a food processor (my Mom just used the Magic Bullet).


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Oh no! I hope everything goes well. frown It's not fun to be a sick kitty!

You might try something with a very strong smell. Wet food definitely has a stronger smell than dry, and adding water to it will help with hydration too. I'd try something with an uncommon meat source, like venison, duck, lamb, or something like that. Most of our taste buds are in our sense of smell, and if a food smells good, we're more likely to eat it.

Get better soon!

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Tiki Cat makes some good fishy (and non-fish) canned formulas. They can be pretty pricey, but they're nutritionally complete and hard to resist.

The cats in our family have also had a hard time resisting chicken or turkey baby food (we usually use Beechnut Stage 1 because it doesn't have onion or garlic, just meat and broth). It's tasty and can also be used for syringe feeding, if it comes to that. It isn't nutritionally complete by itself, but it's better than nothing if everything else is being rejected.

Sending purrs, sweet Twitch! Keep us posted! hug

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Fatty Liver disease is very serious and eating is a must! There comes a time when it is more important for a cat to eat than what they eat. Baby food is good because if necessary you can syringe feed it, just make sure it is all meat and no onion powder. Any people food that tempted him before? Ice cream (no chocolate), anything? Just get some food in him if you can no matter what! Did the vet mention Denamarin? It is a liver supplement and it not very costly. We will all be purring for him.


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So sorry to hear your baby is sick! I rescue cats, and I've had many with illnesses that refused to eat and lost a lot of weight. It is very dangerous that he is not drinking water, as cats can become severely dehydrated within a day or two and that can be fatal in and of itself. My best advice is to buy some sort of pate wet canned food (something mild but high calorie), and mix it with powdered kitten formula. (just mix the powder with warm water till it's pretty soupy, then add as much pate wet food as you can). You'll need to get a large needle-less syringe that has a big enough hole to allow the mixture to get through. Your vet should be able to supply you with the right syringe. It's is IMPERATIVE you get food AND water in your kitty, so force feeding would be the best bet. I know it can be time consuming and a lot of cats fight it, but it may save his life, or at least prolong it with less suffering. Make sure the kitten formula/pate wet food mix is soupy enough to fit through the hole in the syringe. I usually have to experiement to get the right consistancy in order to ensure it doesn't jam up. Oh, and make sure to get as many syringes as your vet will give, because they go bad fast. FYI, the kitten formula might make your cat have some diarrhea, but as long as you make sure to use more wet food than kitten formula, he should be okay. Good luck! I'm sending out positive, healing energy for your fur-baby!