Question about vet services

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Purred: Fri Aug 10, '12 6:37am PST 
My kitty, Elvis, will be going in for a lion cut soon. Elvis is an aggressive kitty when people touch him in ways that he doesnt like (nail clips, teeth brushing, combing). The vet did a pre-estimate of what it will cost and I saw something on it that I had no idea what it was. I was curious if anyone has an idea. A google search was not helpful.


Any clue? Also- what do you think if they charge an additional fee for clipping nails/brushing teeth when he is under anesthesia?


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Purred: Fri Aug 10, '12 5:12pm PST 
When I looked it up, that part that says AZP, kept correcting me with AZO. Looks like blood work.

"Because critical patients require such special handling, sometimes extra diagnostic testing is necessary before anesthesia. Current blood work for healthy patients usually means at least a big four (BUN/Azo, BG, PCV, TS) within the last month. The extra testing performed on critical patients typically depends upon a number of different criteria, the age of the patient, the current status of the patient, the procedure being performed, the tests that were previously performed, and the time elapsed since the last test. In house lab work is obviously preferred for critical patients in order to get fast results."