Neighbor's cat with very advanced stage of cancer...What to do?

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Great suggestions, Baron. Since you were lucky enought to find someone who can help. And since the "owner" is not coming back until the end of August, the thought of this poor cat suffering for three more weeks.......makes me want to cry!!

Please do keep us posted, it is a clear cut case of abuse and/or neglect.

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What a tragic story. I feel terrible for this poor guy. Usually the person that is left to take care of the animal can also be at fault for its condition. It is neglectful on their part to be taking care of a pet like this and not do anything about it. If it were me I would bring this up to the neighbor and then maybe she will agree for it to go to the vet before she/he can get in trouble too.
I would also call the hotline you have been talking with and bring this thought up. Please keep us updated.


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Just remember that the cat may look disturbing to you, but the cat does not know what he/she looks like. I think it is crazy for a cat in that shape (blind, or any shape to be outside, it is not illegal.

If the cat is truly having trouble breathing, then I would say it was cruel, but it may just be upper airway congestion from the nose being gone. I have upper airway congestion every day of my life and I don't want to die.

I didn't see the cat,so I cannot say, but just remember that they don't know how they look.

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