Anyone with UTI experience? Scooter's back from 2nd vet visit.

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Scooter was blocked two weeks ago and had to be catheterized to unblock him. He spent the night at the vet, got a 2-week antibiotic shot (urine came back positive for infection), as well as fluids.

Today he was running to and from the litterbox, meowing, and licking himself, so I took him back to the vet. He was not blocked (the vet squeezed out a big puddle and said it came out very easily), but probably has inflammation. He got a cortisone shot and the urine is being tested to see if his crystals are coming back.

He's already on a special diet (dry UR St/Ox), but allowed wet food. I'm adding extra water to his wet food and I've been giving him water by syringe twice daily because he doesn't drink (I got a fountain, but he just plays in it). I ordered Feliway in case this is from stress (he is high-strung and I have other cats that are more dominant).

I'm just looking for others who've dealt with this. Is this pretty much going to keep happening over and over? He's only 2 years old. Are you doing anything for your cats that I haven't thought of?

Also, how do you keep from freaking out when you think they're blocked? Today I practically had a panic attack trying to decide if he needed to be taken in (because he WAS still peeing, so he wasn't obviously blocked like last time). It seems like if you take them to the vet as soon as any symptoms start, you're dropping $100 just to have them squeezed, but if you wait you might be dropping $800 because they're blocked. Can't win!


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From my experience from Macy, it does take time for the bladder to heal after an episode of blocking. With Macy there is only one wet food I can give him that won't start what I call a flare up and that is Royal Canin Adult instinctive or the Rx stuff. In Macys case he would run too and from the box but his was because his bladder was so irritated that anytime urine even entered it he had to pee it out so his bladder was always empty when I ran him to the vet.

Now my rule of thumb with Macy was as long as he peed I wouldn't take him in, and if Scooter is releasing urine than he isn't blocked. Believe me there were times that he would dribble out two or three drops and I would flip take him to the vet only to find out he was fine.

You have to take it day by day, it takes time for the bladder to calm down and also for the crystals to get out of the bladder to stop irritation. Once you find the right food that keeps the crystals away you should be out of the woods. When Macy gets into the wrong food, his symptoms come back mildly and last about a week. The right food and water are the key to controlling a kitty with bladder issues. (Postnote, read the thread My Cat can't Pee, Mercy just went through the same thing.)


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The best thing you can do is forget the dry food and just keep him on wet with extra water added. This will keep him flushed out and prevent urinary issues. It doesn't need to be prescription food for most cats - just wet, wet and more wet.

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With my sister's cat we use D-Mannose. It's all natural and helps eliminate any e coli that is present in the tract. That's the cause of so many UTI's. Keep doing what you're doing but google D-Mannose and get it from Amazon.com, it's the cheapest. It's just a powder you add a little water too and syringe it into their mouth. A very tiny amount! It really does work!