Are pregnant cats super affectionate?

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My person has been volunteering with other cats at the local humane society. She had the experience of being loved on and cuddled by a pregnant cat.
I'm not too pleased about this development... but is it true that pregnant cats are extra affectionate? My person is wondering if this lovely vocal, cuddly cat will be the same after her babies are born, weaned and she returns to the shelter herself.


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Well, when momma was still living with her mom, a random cat wandered up in the middle of summer. She was pregnant at the time, and mom brought her in right before she was going to give birth. The few nights before she gave birth, she slept on her back, cuddled in momma's arms all night. So yes, in mom's experience, they are very affectionate.


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I had a cat when I was a kid who wasn't the most affectionate cat. She wasn't mean, just very independent and only allowed cuddling on her own terms. Suddenly she became extremely affectionate and was constantly cuddling and begging for attention. We soon discovered that she was pregnant.
After she gave birth she returned to her usual self. A while later she became very affectionate again and I told my parents she must be pregnant again. They blew me off, but sure enough she was pregnant again.
I don't know if it works the same way for all cats though.


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We feed a feral cat (Honey) who is not fixed (we've tried and TRIED to trap her to get her fixed, but she is way too smart and we have not been successful yet!). She keeps getting pregnant and when she is close to having her babies, she suddenly becomes affectionate and lets us touch her. (we've tried getting her into a trap or carrier when she's in this friendly state, but she always escapes and gets away! Ugh!). Besides her, I've experienced many pregnant cats who become super friendly when they are expecting and even after they have their kittens. I'm sure it has to do with the hormones they are producing to help them bond with their babies.

(P.S. btw, I know this is kinda sad, but the feral cat (Honey) we can't trap that keeps getting pregnant always loses her kittens after they are a couple weeks old. It's sad, but good that she's not producing more cats that are feral and make even more feral cats...thankfully we have trapped and fixed her four siblings and their mother. She's the only one we have not gotten ahold of!)