Causes for High Bilirubin Levels?

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Greenlee (In Loving Memory)

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Purred: Wed Aug 1, '12 12:18pm PST 
Another update on Greenlee (8/1/12):

The vet called. Greenlee does NOT have FIV. They wanted to rule that out first, so TODAY (8/1/12) she will be getting an aspirate/biopsy done on her liver and gallbladder to find out what is partially obstructing her bile duct. Even this may not determine what is obstructing it, and if that's the case, exploratory surgery may need to be done. I am not sure what Greenlee's future holds frown

Please continue to keep us in your thoughts. I will keep everyone updated. Poor sweet kitty, Greenlee. frown

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Purred: Fri Aug 3, '12 8:59am PST 
sending you many purrs that Greenlee will be ok. purrpurrpurrhughughug

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