FIP kitty seeks homeopathic treatments or shamanic healing...anyone used an animal healer??

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Miru *Is an- Angel now

Purred: Tue Jul 24, '12 2:27pm PST 
My baby was diagnosed with FIP in June after he dropped weight and started getting bony. He had a blood panel and all of the values were off. That led to an ultrasound that found diseased intestines. 7-8 inches were removed and the prognosis for the sutures holding was not good. 5 or so weeks later the sutures held, the external stitches are out and healed. Still, there is no cure. we are now over $5,000 in bills and struggling (we even had to make a chip-in and gofundme!)Scouring forums I found a vet who had some success with it- Dr.Deva. We are sending her the file. I have also looked into shamanic healing since it has saved cancer cats and seizure dogs. Can anyone recommend an animal shaman or healer they have used on any disease? or had a holistic treatment work for FIP? We are also looking for any survivors of FIP that were not misdiagnoses. Blood tests and guesses are almost always misdiagnoses because you need a biopsy diagnosis. A former foster had cancer and her vets thought it was FIP right up to the end.


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Dear Miru's Meouwmy......I am afraid that I am unable to help you in regard to the homeopathic or shamanic treatments.....but I just wanted to say: 'Good on you...!! Keep trying, please keep trying and do not give up hope. Miru is so lucky to have humans who love her so much....