Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?

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So recently, we took in a three-week old abandoned kitten and formula fed her, switched her to Innova, and now have her on Wellness kitten formula (for about 3 weeks now). She is a healthy, playful 8 week old now, bouncing off the walls and purring up a storm, causing havoc wherever she goes, BUT her POOP smells soooooooooooooooooo so so sooooooo bad!

OMG! She poos and it stinks for hours, even after I scoop it out.

Maple's poop occasionally smelled bad, but this is evil.

The new kitten, who we dubbed Minion, has been wormed, had her first round of shots, and should get spayed in a few weeks.

We feed: Wellness Kitten Formula (wet) in the evenings.
Wellness Core cat and kitten food (dry) in the evenings

Our vet likes that I feed a mixture of wet and dry. I LOVE my vet, she is truly the best in the area and the only one who is okay with me feeding the dogs partially raw.

Other factors that may have an effect: MAPLE recently has had an upper respiratory infection (brought on by the new kitten, I think). But Minion (the newbie) doesn't seem to have the same problem.

Minion has changed diets far too often in her short life, she was on Innova/formula when I placed her with a new home (this is a whole story in itself) the new home switched her to Iams dry, couldn't keep her, and I switched her to this Wellness (which my kitty is on) when we took her back.


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Sorry! I didn't finish my question! Does anyone know what I need to do to control the odor? It is SO bad.


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Hmm, I wonder if she needs another round of deworming. When we got Tasha as a stray, she had THE WORST smelling gas and poop. It took two months and three rounds of deworming before her worms went away, thus totally eliminating the fowl gas and poops.


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How old was Minion when she was wormed, and what was she wormed with?

All kittens have worms, even kittens born to championship show cats, thats just how it is. Being where she came from, I suspect Tasha Belle is right, she might have issues with worms.

I also think, it has to do, with what she is being fed, and what she was fed. Kittens have very sensative little systems. The constant switching of foods, that young, will, cause tummy upset and/or diarea. Iams is full of grains, grains cause tummy upset, and even more so, with a young kitten, so feeding that, then going back to grain free, will cause tummy upset, in most cats, let alone a young kitten. If no one did the 2 week transistion, when switching foods, then that further upset her little system.

Kittens that young, need to be on one kitten food. Even with what you are feeding, the Wellness Kitten and the Wellness Core, your feeding her 2 different foods, which is further upsetting her already upset little system.

I would also ask your vet about an x-ray, to see if she has gas pockets and/or inflammed intestines, it would show up as dark spots, on the x-ray, they should show you the x-ray, if not, ask to see it. Also ask your vet about giving her Metronidazole. Thats what they put my kittens on, when the pet sitter gave them adult food, by mistake??? and I came home from a show, to 2 sick 10 week old kittens. One has a very sensative little system, and when he gets tummy upset and/or diarea, they do the x-ray, it shows his intestimes are inflammed, he gets put on Metronidazole, he shows improvement in 3 days, they take the medicine for 10 days, it comes in liquid or pill.

That she is playing like a terror and does not have diarea, is a very very good sign.

(((((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))))


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Hey purrs! Thanks for the great responses. Let me answer a few questions:

1. She was wormed when I first brought her home with Strangent (sp?) I gave her the required dose for 3 days, waited a week, then repeated. I'm now repeating that routine AGAIN.

2. She has been on Welness (wet) and Core (dry) for almost a month now, and seems to be doing fine.

3. I changed the brand of litter we were using from TidyCats (UGH! I HATE scented litters!) to Swheat Scoop with great success!

As we speak the holy terror in on my legs... In the bathtub. Playing in the water (maybe TMI? But I'm on my iPhone and she is CRACKING ME UP!) Maple is also obsessed with the tub, but she never went THIS far! Lol!

ANother thing I've noticed is that her fur is growing back. She came to us with some serious fluff. Then lost it all (she looked funny during this time as her undercoat is gray, topcoat is blackish/tortish... The topcoat fell out leaving the gray undercoat making her look bald). I think she is just now finally healthy. smile

Sweet kitty! She is a nut'


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Strongid? Over the counter?

I highly recommed, you get her wormed, with Drontal, it comes in a liquid or pill, you get if from the vet. They can be first wormed at 6 weeks.

You never never ever, mol, want to use any, worm products over the counter, and especially never never never never, ever, any Hartz products, way too many kitties got sick and/or died from Hartz products.

Had to laugh, when you said she is playing in the tub. I only have a shower stall, so when I go to a show, its a real treat, to be able to soak in a bath tub, with Avon skin so soft. Kittens always come in with me, and walk around the edge of the tub. I had to stop using, the skin so soft, as I thought, what if one of them decides to jump in, or falls in, then with that oil, I am major sca-rood, no way to give them another bath.

Glad she is feeling better! (((((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))))


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WHen I ate Wellness my poppie was staaannkkie! You could try the Eagle Pack transitions powder. IT is a probiotic that you sprinkle on the food for a few days, that helps with tummy troubles. wave


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Bumpurr: Yes Strongid--not over the counter.

I've done a few rescues in my lifetime and happen to be good friends with the wonderful Cat Lady at our local rescue. I call her the Cat Lady out of respect, as she truly is an angel.

I called her the second we brought this little kitten home, which was when she was 3 weeks old and she told me what to use. I had some Strongid left over from previous rescues (you know, because everyone has abandoned puppies going through their house in droves, right?) which she told me to use. The vet had given me enough to last a few litters, LOL! He would always see them eventually anyway.

I don't think it's a Hartz product (isn't that the Walmart stuff? I don't use any of their stuff).

Minion has her first real vet visit later this week. She's getting spayed! She has had her first round of shots (curtosy of the Cat Lady) and I haven't worries too much about her since she is strictly inside with my vaccinated pets, and no other strays. smile She'll get everything she needs. I'm just waiting to be able to afford it!

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When mom and dad first got me, I had poop that was so bad that I could quite literally clear the room. It was bad enough that if Mom and Dad were in bed and I used the box, someone got up to scoop and then to spray something to neutralize the air....

Mommy got me to the vet-and I had been wormed already...but they found I had giardia, and for whatever reason, it doesn't always show up.

I got medicine and am much better.

Also, sometimes a very bad smelly poop can mean that there is a food allergy. Bella doesnt' absorb certain nutrients and so needs to get B12 shots and be on one type of food only.

Get a recheck of the poop to the vet. Dollars to catnip that there is something lurking in that poop.

all the best,