If You Own a Pet, You Need to be *Aware* of What's Going On

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Purred: Mon Jul 9, '12 1:07pm PST 
This was posted on the cat show board today. I only read part of it, so I can't say yet, weather I agree or disagree with what is going on, and what they are trying to do. This affects ALL pet owners, not just show cats.

I do know, a few years ago, PETA came on the cat show board, and was getting the stuffing kicked out of them. I stuck up for them, as it was "they" who took down, the NFL, Roger Goodell, Arthur Blank, regarding Michael Vick. Nobody, was getting anywhere, regarding Michael Vick, and if not for them, sayin, we ain't a leavin, until you suspend him, nothing would have happened. The NFL caved, Goodell caved and Blank suspended him. Few knew, if not for PETA, nothing, would have happened to Vick. At least he got some jail time, and Atlanta released him. He also ain't the "golden boy" in Philadelphia either.

Then I came across a puppy mill situation. I contacted members who most did not know about, and asked for their help. They told me, to stop bothering them.

Well, OK, but that is thee very last time, I will stick up for them.

Bump got the show people off their bee-hind, now, let the show people eat them alive.

Any how, not sure where to put this, and I am sure, Catster will put it where it should be, if not in here.

I copied and pasted the post, only because I can't give you the link, it goes right to the show board, which, you would not be able to post on. But for those that I know, PM me, and I will give you the link, so you can see, all the show discussions.

Not looking to argue with anyone on here, mol, just passing on information, that affects all of us.

The post:

I urge you all to take a few minutes to fill out the quick and easy online form (as explained in the email below)
This bill has been pushed into play by Animal Rights Activists and sympathizers and would be highly punitive to hobby breeders, folks who work with rescue animals and other reputable people in small scale animal husbandry. They want to make (us) open to random inspections, meaning they could walk up to your door any time they feel like it and inspect -- basically making hobby breeders and rescue people who foster in their homes open to the same regulations as a retail facility. This is a major precedent we do NOT want to see go into legislation! The bill would also be taking the registration, licensing and legislation of home hobby breeders away from local government and making it Federal, putting us under the agis of the USDA like we produce beef cattle or something.
We are working HARD to kill this bill or at the least have home-hobby breeders and in-home foster/rescue workers exempt. One of the new heavies in the USDA comes from the Humane Society of the United States, so we already know she's on the AR wagon and would love to see all pets outlawed anyway...
(If you aren't aware of the "hidden" agendas of HSUS and PETA, please read here:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: George J. Eigenhauser, Jr.
Date: Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 2:06 AM
Subject: [cfa-list] URGENT USDA/APHIS Regulations
To: cfa-list@yahoogroups.com

The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc.
Legislative Update - July 8, 2012
Appropriate forwarding is appreciated

ACTION IS NEEDED NOW- from all cat clubs, breeders and pet lovers.

Immediate action is required.
Deadline is July 16, 2012.

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), United States
Department of Agriculture (USDA), is proposing to amend federal regulations
to require federal licensing and inspection of many home hobby breeders.
Current regulations exempt hobby breeders and others selling pets at retail.
Since consumers have access to the hobby breeders in direct sales, small
retail breeders are regulated by local government.

The proposed new regulations include all small animal species, including
cats, and regulate catteries who sell even one kitten outside of their home
if they have over 4 breeding females. Recently APHIS updated their "FAQ"
file, stating the home hobby breeders and rescue "...are not the focus of
this proposed rule..." Despite this and other assurances by APHIS, there is
still no exemption for hobby breeders and rescue in the proposed

ORGANIZATIONS/INDIVIDUALS should comment to the USDA to OPPOSE the change to
the regulations. Individuals may submit your comments in opposition by mail
or submit them electronically. We are asking clubs to write letters on club
letterhead and submit their letters by mail AND submit them electronically.

Suggested points in opposition and instructions for using the Federal
e-Rulemaking Portal may be found in the CFA Comment Guide on the CFA
Legislative Alerts Page at: http://www.cfa.org/client/exhibitorsalert.aspx
Please follow the simple instructions and submit as many points in
opposition as you feel appropriate. There is no limit to the number of
comments in opposition you can submit but there are limits to the length of
each submission and the time available for each comment.


Please forward this message to your friends, family, pet buyers,
veterinarian or anyone who values home-raised pedigreed pets and ask them to
submit comments in opposition too.

George Eigenhauser
CFA Legislative Coordinator

Susan Blevins
Web & Graphics Designer
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Mon Jul 9, 2012 3:17 pm


RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Tue Jul 10, '12 6:50pm PST 
I cannot believe, this does not concern everybody, its not just about show cats, its about your pets too.
Why do I bother, might just as well, stop helping people. Time to say goodbye.


the orange one
Purred: Tue Jul 10, '12 7:13pm PST 
Bumpurr, i saw a petition online about this, we signed it. it might been from care2. so, there are people who do care about this.


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There is already a thread on the subject under Laws & Legislation.

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