Would someone or somecat write JUST FOR MISS MAXI..re: allergies?

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Miss Maxi

Always a- pleasure, never- a chore.
Purred: Sun Jul 1, '12 6:45am PST 
Dear BK, thank you so much for your support, it is gratefully accepted.
I will keep you all up to date with Miss Maxi's progress.
BIG HUGS applause


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Miss Maxi,
I have two kitties (might just be one) who we believe have allergies to certain foods/proteins. Our little Moose and pieces. When we got moose when she was four months old she came to us with a bunch of health probs (bad shelter). She had calicivirus (sp?), possible ringworm, and these weird bumpy hard things on her ears. We fed dry food for the most part at this point (I think) and we tried switching dry foods and it didn't help. We took her to the vet multiple times for all the health things. The vet gave us some wet food that was supposed to help rule out if it was allergies to what we were feeding her and we were supposed to give it to her for a few weeks. We presented it to her multiple times and she absolutely refused to eat it. After contacting the vet, he said to discontinue it and try wet/dry foods with limited ingredients and to stay away from poultry and beef. We ended up getting lucky and finding a great combination for her with proplan selects salmon and rice dry which is used as "treats" here and there and Friskies wet (the three kinds that I believe are grain free) and we haven't had a problem. When we were tight on money, I ended up getting a different type of dry and giving it to the crew and again, moose, developed the bumpy things. I'm not sure if it was a specific grain or protein that did it to her. Its tricky to figure out!

And then there is Pieces. We initially thought that Pieces had an allergy to foods after we got a deal of Fancy Feast and decided to try the beef and poultry flavors. Figured she would appreciate a change. She ended up getting this red patch of skin that had all the hair removed. It took forever to grow back in. But we've seen that patch a few more times and have come to the conclusion that its related to stress. This poor cat is stressed by anything and everything.

Good luck!

Bella My- Beautiful- Angel

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Hi Miss Maxi,

I wanted to give you my take on it. I am an elder gal, so probably have more old furt issues than you, dear little one, but recently had a sonogram, and have had some dietary issues for the past few years, combined with in the last few years kidney programs and now, sigh, probable pancreatitis as well.

I recently had yet another sonogram done, and it showed thickening of the intestines, and even a swollen lymph node. But I digress....

A few weeks ago the vet decided that I needed my food changed. Well, bad idea. I started throwing up again. She had decided this because I was having some very stinky light colored poop.

This weekend was a bad one for me. I did get a B12,w hich helped tremendously. I can't tell you how much we benefit from B12, and you might want to have your mom ask your vet if you could have one. They make you feel quite well!

Mom fed me some babyfood...now, it was stage one, and stage one is just meat and water. Its' very mild for us. It's what some vet hospitals (the one mom used to work at did) when a kitty is ill.

I got sick on it. Mommy realized the low residue food and the baby food were chicken and turkey!

Mommy suspects I may perhaps have developed, in my furtiness, sensitivities to poultry. So...I have been having some beef baby food, and beef fancy feast with no ill results.

We have since learned the less ingredients that might spark sensitivity, the better.

some vets suggest a novel protein-that is-something that is not commonly used to feed, such as venison, or rabbit.

You've had some wonderful advice from people who know, here....

so just adding my brief experience...

purrs for feeling better,

Miss Maxi

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Purred: Wed Jul 4, '12 7:41am PST 
Dear Moose, Pieces and Bella,
Thank you all for your responses.
Miss Maxi managed to escape last night and ate some fox food....Vomit everywhere!
This definitely seems to be a gluten issue.
We are due for a check up with the cat specialist at the vets tomorrow, so we shall see what they say then.
When Miss Maxi saw the specialist last week, she was given vitamin B injections, so we may need another one of those and perhaps another anti-inflammatory injection depending on whether the thickening of her stomach wall is still presenting.
I'm hoping, now that the diet has changed, that we won't have to pay weekly visits to the vets - Miss Maxi is getting on very well with the gluten free/bland diet.
I will keep you all posted, thank you all dancing
From Miss Hannah on behalf of Miss Maxi...She doesn't feel up to typing today! smile

Miss Maxi

Always a- pleasure, never- a chore.
Purred: Thu Jul 5, '12 4:27am PST 
This is Miss Hannah posting on behalf of Miss Maxi.
We saw the cat specialist at the vet today - the gluten free diet is working and she has put on a little bit of weight, this is a good thing as she was a little under weight.
She has had another vitamin B12 injection and a steroidal injection (this will work over the next 6 weeks), and after 6 weeks, as long as the loose bowels and vomiting are still not presenting, then we don't have to rush back to the vet.
Thank you all so much for your responses, advice and support, it is very gratefully accepted, and we're happy we have a new 'home' here.
With love and hugs, Miss Hannah and Miss Maxi party

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