Do cats 'go off their trolley' or is it always a physical problem?

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Purred: Sat Jun 30, '12 3:28am PST 
Dear People and Pussycats......perhaps someone or somecat can help me.....? Let me explain.....Miss Lillie is 12 years old, bald on her back end, has bad arthritis and has just started on Metacam (I had her kidneys tested before starting her on it) although it doesn't seem to be doing much good.....

ANYWAY....a couple of days ago she suddenly went REALLY WEIRD.....she started making funny 'chirruping' cries, running around frantically, wanting me with her all the time and purring nervously and making biscuits nervously.....it was horrible...!! I was quite frightened....she seemed to be 'going off her trolley'..I have never seen anything like this in any of my cats before.....

I tried to feed her some treats......just to see if she would eat (I didn't know what else to do) and she wolfed them down...and more...and more.....and then she calmed down slowly and was OK again.....

My friend said it could have been low blood sugar (diabetes)....she has not done it again.....but, of course, if she does, it will be straight down the vets for her.....!!

Has anyone or anycat any thoughts on this?


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I really doubt it is diabetes. Diabetes is high blood glucose levels. Hypoglycemia in a diabetic happens when too much insulin is given. A non-diabetic cat cannot have hypoglycemia. The way your cat was acting are not signs of hypoglycemia either.

Sometimes a cat will briefly act weird for some reason shrug Maybe somthing spooked the cat or she saw something outside that made her act out shrug