Cat just got vaccines & has gone into hiding

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Janelle bcgc

Purred: Wed Jun 27, '12 10:30am PST 
Yesterday Janelle got three vaccinations at the vet. She has retreated upstairs into one of our roommate's room in this little dog house thing. She has been there for almost 20 hours, she hasn't eaten and barely drank anything. She licks me every time I come up and check on her (which is hourly) and she slept up there last night, her first time NOT sleeping in bed with me frown Is she okay? Is her body just fighting off all the vaccinations?


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Vaccinations can cause this kind of reaction. They challenge the immune system and the cat may feel under the weather for a day or two, just like humans after getting a flu short sometimes. Keep an eye on her; if she doesn't improve, take her back to the vet.

Janelle bcgc

Purred: Wed Jun 27, '12 12:37pm PST 
Thank you so much that makes me feel better. She just looks so sad and is just laying around instead of being social. But I understand she wanted to get away and hide because she doesn't feel well.

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Purred: Wed Jun 27, '12 12:59pm PST 
When Gimli was about two years old, he had gotten his vaccinations for a cat show He felt under the weather too. He had shots before with no problems. He has had vaccinations since then and he only felt bad that one time.


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Purred: Wed Jun 27, '12 2:35pm PST 
In the future, maybe try spacing out the shots. I take my kits in every 6 months, anyways, so I space them out so that their systems are not getting inundated with all that vaccine. Just a thought. I know that Smitty tends to get kind of quiet & sleepy when he gets his too.


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Sounds like a normal reaction for the 3 year shots. Is that what you got? The three year shots cause the immune system to react to the medications. From what I understand getting the 1 year does not cause this kind of reaction. If it goes on much longer than 24 hours I would call the vet about it.