Cat with cerebellar hypoplasia, chronic diarrhea & eye infections

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Purred: Thu Jun 28, '12 7:02am PST 
Thanks for all the comments! We are definitely going to give lysine a shot- it seems to be OTC anyway? As for the food- it's strange because Bojangles doesn't have problems with loose stool and we feed him Wellness as well. But I guess we'll try to find something she can eat again, and maybe order some of those supplements as well.

I had wondered if maybe the digestive issues were causing her to avoid the box- it's funny because when she does have normal stool, she tends to use the box, but when she doesn't...I get to scrub the carpet. frown

If the lysine doesn't work, I'm probably just going to cave and call the vet school & make an appointment to see their ophthalmologist, because I guess for whatever reason there are some tests the 'regular' vets here won't do that they can? Cultures and such? I'm honestly not sure. We ended up not being able to get her to the vet yesterday after all, but ironically she also mysteriously decided to be relatively asymptomatic. She must have heard the word 'vet'.

Oh, and we tried to get her to eat some of the raw food, mixed in with her wet food and sprinkled with delicious, forbidden dry kibble. She ate all the food around it, and besides a few accidental bites didn't seem to want to touch it. I don't get it, my dogs LOVE Nature's Instinct Raw, but I've never been able to get a cat to try it.

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