Bald Spot

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Colby Jack

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Purred: Mon May 7, '12 9:59am PST 
Hi everyone,

I am posting on behalf of my friend Colleen. She has a 2 year old cat named Louie that has a weird bald spot above his eye and was wondering if anyone might know what it is. She says that it isn't red, just a tad pink, and it doesn't look like it bothers him but it gets worse every day.

She also said she did just give him Frontline a few weeks ago and was wondering if maybe that caused it.

http://i48.tinypic.com/ou60ig.jpg This is a picture of Louie and his bald spot.

Any ideas? Does it look like something to go to the vet over or something she can help with?

Beepers - Our Handsome- Angel

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Purred: Mon May 7, '12 12:24pm PST 
Cats have thin fur in that area over their eyes, anyway, and it seems to be more noticeable on cats with dark fur. I get bald spots there occasionally, too. Mine is usually associated with some kind of stress, sometimes even just a loud noise that scared me. A couple days later, Mom notices I have another bald spot. Mine usually fills back in within maybe 10 days.

If that is the only thing going on with Louie and his mom doesn't see anything odd on his skin in the area and Louie isn't scratching or pawing at that spot, I think I'd just keep a close eye on him and wait a little while to see if it starts filling back in.


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My advice would be to have the vet check for ringworm.