Outdoor Cats? Why?

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I think it depends on where you live. I think it's hard when some say it's sad when... on either side of the fence. Like with all things there is no right and wrong answer. It's like one minute red wine or chocolate is bad for the humans then they say it's good for them. But not in excess laugh out loudThere's even a debate on smacking children, Here there is a law against it. But some say it should be allowed.
Stories will always change, there's always two sides to every argument. There are some benefits to cats been able to go outside, along with those that are not.
I think it depends on the cats you have. Some are not street wise and yes should not be let out. And some are stupid, some are not. Accidents do happen,~ yes. But they also happen inside the house.
Many moons ago I read about one Catster cat falling off their cat tree and breaking their backcry. There are many that their lives have been cut short for all sorts of reasons. Don't humans get sick if they don't get enough sunlight? Could that be true for the felines of this world?thinking Just a question. I admit we are indoor / outdoor kitties and we cry blue murder if the door isn't open for us. But then the human now makes sure we don't live next to the road. You may know my fur brother D went missing a couple of times. He is not a fighter and we think he was just chased away. First time the human looked and looked for him with the help of Catster cats. Then the second time he found his own way home. The human loves us to bits and will do anything for us, but she still can't keep us indoors. To her it doesn't seem right (for us that is). Maybe one day she may be able to build this huge fence around the house so we can be safe. But that may take awhile, to be honest it’ll probably be for the protecting of the local wildlife from US, just as much it is for us from the other critters.
laugh out loud
BTW... it isn't that common that cats go missing we have many friends with kitty's that are fine and live for a very very long time. I think D is the exception. As it's really isn't that common here. Don't get me wrong, it does happen but it's not as common as you would think given most cats in this country (NZ) are indoor / outdoor.
Now we have D microchipped, he always has a collar and tag on and now he has a tracking devise attached to the collar so we can find him easierlaugh out loud

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I was an indoor outdoor kittysmile and I lived to 21

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I live in Chicago. I would never let my cats outside, it is way too dangerous. There are the dangers of cars, people who hate cats, dogs, attacks from other cats, poisons/toxins, plus we also have predators here like coyotes, foxes, owls and hawks. There is also danger of diseases or parasites they can contract from feral cats, or from wild animals or prey. I have a friend whose cat went missing and when he came home a month later he had Feline Leukemia and he gave it to her other cat.


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Yep!! I agree if you live in that type of environment, yeah I would do the same.I know every country is different

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I was an indoor cat mostly but was allowed outside occasionally on a leash. Mom or grandma and grandpa were always out with me and I stayed near them. Grandma and Grandpa owned a house so I had a yard to roam in. But with all the snotty kids that live in moms apartment complex she's not so sure that she wants to take Belle outside and if she does she'll take her out front since the kids usually play in the back.


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Its not just the wildlife and cars to worry about, it is also the sick demented people in the world. No cat is ever safe in any neighborhood from the cruel people young and old that want to hurt cats. Both of mine are indoors. The one who was bottle raised is curious about outside and has escaped before. That is why there is chicken wire reinforcing the screen window in their room. The ex-feral cat doesn't want anything to do with the outside. If you open the front door with her in the living room she runs away or freezes.

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that is interesting that a formally feral cat is scared to now go outside


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I don't let any of my cats outside. I live in a small town and my road is really busy most of the time because there is a church AND a funeral home right next to me. My neighbor had the sweetest cat ever. They didn't feed him or care about him, they hated cats and said that he "had no soul"... We would feed him and give him treats and were thinking about taking him in since he always ended up (no idea how he got there) in one room of our house anyway. He was killed by teenagers. They hit him with their car and also cut him.. we have sick people around here. He managed to get home to my neighbors who had him put down. I'll never have an outside cat. Every outdoor cat I've known either got killed by a car or a dog/other animal.


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Ewww that is terrible. Did the teenagers get caught, Fined, jailed,that's a crime isn't it???shock Why do people think that's allowedcry


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Maple lived her entire first year as an indoor cat. She went out once, got chased by a dog, and was afraid of the great outdoors for a long time...

BUT... Being the social butterfly that she is, she couldn't stand to be left inside when I played fetch with the dogs. Despite having NEVER touched foot on the back porch, she would sit at the window and cry, and cry, and cry to be let out with us.

I firmly believed in never letting her out, so I didn't.

Then I got a doggie door, it was a necessary purchase, and worth every penny.

Maple had it down within a week.

I gave in, and began to lock the dog door, but allow her outside under supervision. She only goes out back, in an enclosed yard (that I have never seen her leave) and lays in the sunshine. Eventually, I gave in and allowed her to use the door with the dogs.

She is a night prowess, and brings me all mannar of terrible gifts in the middle of the night.

Now, I lock the dog door at night! LOL!

But I can't keep her in.

If I lived in the city, I might feel different. But in the last 10 months I've yet to see her even show a desire to leave our enclosed back yard, in fact, I've only seen her leave the porch sunshine twice.

So I let her out. Something deep inside me feels like its wrong to force a cat like her to stay inside. So I limit it to the day, and she shows up wherever I am anyway (she is more loyal than my dogs!).

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