Third Eyelid Showing?!

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George (AKA- "Monkey")

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Hi all!

Two days ago, I realized that the third eyelids of my two-year-old orange DSH were showing, covering about a quarter of his eyes. Enough so that he looked dazed or hopped up one some medication or something. It persisted through last night, and this morning the eyelids had receded a little bit, but were still very prominent.

I should mention that his third eyelids always showed a little more than a normal cat's, but this is far worse than its ever been.

He's still eating well, drinking, happy, and active. His nose is dry, and there is no discharge, redness, or watery eyes. He's been an indoor cat all his life.

I did a little reading online, and it seems like it could be an upper respiratory infection, coccidia (am I spelling that right?), or depression. Since he is showing no true illness symptoms, is it possible he is depressed?

We also did get a "new" cat a month ago. She is 10 months old and healthy. However, she is "taking over" Monkey's favorite sleeping spots and definitely diverting much of the attention since she's very skittish and still learning her environment.

My finances are woefully low right now, so I would hate to take him to the vet (displaying only the eyelid symptom) only to find out there's nothing physically wrong.

Anyone encounter an issue like this before? I would post the only picture I could grab of his eyelids, but I'm not sure how...

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this happened to baby a couple times, found out her eye was scratched, or it could be something else. i would get him in soon, be for it gets worse.


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I doubt it's a scratch if it's both eyes. If it's just one eye, I would say yes, scratch. It's also a sign a the feline herpes virus. Sounds much worse than it is, but, it's basically a cold virus. You should take him in for some eye ointment and possibly an antibiotic so it doesnt turn into something else.


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When the 3rd eyelid shows, its usually an indication of some kind of infection. Could be a herpes virus, could be the start of a URI, could be an injury to the eye. In any case, its best to take him to the vet. Nestle is right, they will give you an antibiotic and/or eye ointment. They will charge you the cost of an office visit, and the cost of the medication, which is usually not that much. Just make sure, they use the flashlight thingy, to look in his eyes.

If kitty is prone to infections, you can give L-Lysine, and, you can get it in the human vitamin section. You want the capsules, so you can break them open, and mix with wet food or baby food. The usual dosage is under 9 lbs, 250 mgs, once a day. Over 9 lbs, 500 mgs once a day. Kittens would get the 250 mgs, but it depends on the age of the kitten. This should be run by your vet first. waveway to gohug

George (AKA- "Monkey")

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Thanks so much, all! I think I'll give the vet a call and make an appointment. I unearthed one of my last "regular" check up invoices, and I don't know why I thought I would be having to sell an organ to pay for it. Shouldn't be too tough on the checkbook! I guess I'm just too used to REALLY expensive emergency appointments!

I will post again once I get him checked out!

George (AKA- "Monkey")

Purred: Thu Feb 9, '12 12:29pm PST 
Was able to secure an appointment for 4:30 this afternoon. No changes in Monkey's condition. The third eyelids seem to be worse in the evening than in the mornings, but still no other physical symptoms.

I'll post again after our appointment!

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Hello, I was wondering how the appointment went?

I have just been reading about your cats symptoms this is the same with my cat.

Weasley has had this for nearly a week he used to have I slightly when he was a baby but when he was a baby I was given him with cat flu.

I am debating whether to take him vets tomorrow but with it being Xmas I am absolutely skint and would need to borrow cash (which I do not want to do)

I hope your cat is doing well.