Possible breathing problems, but vet says my cat is OK?

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Purred: Tue Jul 29, '14 5:57pm PST 
My cat has exactly the same problem as Oblio and I had her to two vets last month and both vets said she is fine.I would really like to find out what the outcome was for Oblio. I am very much concerned my cat is seven years old and does not have any distress problems other than heavy breathing in the chest and stomach area when laying down. In the last week she has been licking her mouth more often than usual. Lynx eats and drinks normally and is always cleaning herself.If anyone could give me any suggestions I would appreciate it.


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Purred: Wed Jan 21, '15 11:49am PST 
My 6 yr old Gonzo has same identical problem as Oblio. 1st couple of short-term shots (2-3 days) helped. 3rd shot -long-term (6wks) not much help. Vet won't give any more shots due to possible development of diabetes. Blood tests are ok, lung x-Rays are ok, has occasional bad breath but there are no dental issues. Have noticed more liquid throw-up (as opposed to large hair balls). Other than very unusually loud congestive/gurgle purrs, he seems okay most of time. Eats, plays and sleeps fine. The congestion sounds are quite disturbing. I've Changed 4 of my 6 litter boxes over to one that's suggested for asthmatic cats to see if it helps. (We have 4 cats total.). Other possibilities - we replaced carpeting in our house around 10 months ago -same time his congestion/breathing issues started (chemicals?). Also feed him new wet food by Fancy Feast called MORNINGS. All 4 of my cats love it! Eggs is part of the ingredients.(?) My cats go outside in our backyard only....during the day only AND only when we're home to watch them. A tall fence keeps them in but they love using my wood mulch for their litter boxes. The only thing new during start of congestion would be the carpet and food. Because he is a rescue (4 yrs with us) we don't know his full history. Any suggestions from others would be helpful.

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Purred: Thu Jan 22, '15 10:05am PST 
I just saw this thread today. Sometimes it’s not good to go bouncing from vet to vet. If the vet is AVMA accredited (must be to work in this country), then you are likely to get the same diagnosis. I’ve had my fair share of worried kitty mommies and daddies to deal with and honestly sometimes nothing is wrong. I’m glad you got a chest x-ray done just to be cautious. But, if it is clear, then you can be pretty sure that your cat is okay. Convenia is actually very safe. The worst side effect I’ve ever seen from it was diarrhea. One dose of cortisone will not worsen a heart condition. You might want to go ahead and get an ECG just to be sure he doesn’t have a heart condition, but if his physical exam and x-ray didn’t show anything, it is unlikely. We often use Convenia to treat skin infections in dogs and cats. As long as the animal isn’t allergic to cefovecin, then it is safe to give. Honestly, I think you might be more worried than you need to be. I’m not a veterinarian, but a registered veterinary technician and I can tell you that you shouldn’t be worried. Unless your cat starts panting, then I think things are okay.

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