Does anyone know if Johnson's baby shampoo kills fleas?

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Big Baby
Purred: Wed Nov 30, '11 11:18am PST 
He has front line on but still saw a flea and still itching so I wanted to bath him in something gentle since he still has some scabs and sores from scratching.


little stinker
Purred: Wed Nov 30, '11 11:47am PST 
i heard that regular dawn was surpose to be safe on kittys, check with your vet first.

Alex (sweet angel girl)

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Purred: Wed Nov 30, '11 3:29pm PST 
OMC please don't use either of those products on kitties ever! There are very harsh chemicals in both of those things that can be very toxic if ingested! You need to get a flea shampoo from Petco or something like that. It has to be for pets!eek


go getter kitter
Purred: Wed Nov 30, '11 5:01pm PST 
What chemical is Dawn (or any other dish soap) that is toxic? I've heard it recommended for years and used it, and they even use it to clean wildlife including birds after oil spills. I was under the impression that most dish soaps are almost pure soaps with no additives.
That said, any and all flea soaps scare me--if I absolutely must use it, I dilute it way, way down and use very sparingly, and rinse, rinse, rinse. I even prefer making the kitty hold in warm water with a few dots of soap up to his chin while I flea comb over and over. My sister had a kitty that got neurological damage from a flea shampoo almost 10 years ago, and it's still a very sad memory. The kitty had to be euthanized because she couldn't even recognize food and had panic attacks, and it never got better. You have to bear in mind that the flea shampoos contain pesticides, which are not just "chemical" as is almost any cleaning product of any description. Pet shampoos contain chemicals intended as poisons--for insects, true, but bear in mind if your pet is extra sensitive to the pesticide, it can be ugly fast. I would certainly not use the entire recommeded amount unless the cat was horribly infested, but the incident I spoke of was probably an uncommon reaction that has left me overly afraid of these products.

Mac's Cat

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Make sure you wait 2-3 days AFTER you wash him, to apply the Flea Product. They work with the oils on the skin to disperse the product and since you may have washed it all off, it takes 2-3 days to come back. Best of luck I hope you find something that works for you. Please keep us all informed as to how things go.

Stinkers Finn Franscis

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Purred: Thu Dec 1, '11 11:37am PST 
My cats and dog, recently had fleas as well. I wouldn't use either of them products either for getting rid of fleas. I had a lot of great advice about natural remedies and safer remedies for treating my animals. I was so grateful that people helped me. I will post my thread about fleas so you can look at it.

Forum: http://www.dogster.com/forums/Dog_Health/thread/723781

I also got recommended a really nice site for flea remedies and chemicals in each product. Here is that as well. http://www.simplesteps.org/greenpaws-products#/h/1/+/784

I purchased Oatmeal based flea shampoo which is a very mild product, as the oatmeal soothes the skin. An I purchased Vet Best natural oil spray.