Very Dark Crumbly Stool!

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Purred: Thu Nov 24, '11 6:45am PST 
Hi All,

Happy Turkey Day!!!

My diabetic kitty Ozzie has been OTJ for a month and a half or so.

I've been having some issues trying to get both my cats over here to eat. They do eat, but they really seem uninterested in the food. I keep trying new items in the hopes they'll be more interested!

Today, I noticed that Ozzie went #2, and it was very dark in color. Upon closer examination, the stool was also very dry and crumbly when I broke it in two and also had hair in it.

Ozzie had a few bouts of diahrrea a couple weeks ago, likely from a new food I was trying.

Right now I am supplementing with Forti Flora while I try some new stuff out. They are getting FF Classic Chicken or Turkey. I've been trying BeforeGrain Chicken and Beef, and Merrick's Cowboy Cookout (which they are actually eating).

Could this be a food thing or from the Forti Flora? Or should we go for a vet visit?

Ozzie seems to be acting normal otherwise. I checked his BG today after he ate a little and it was at 83.

Any advice would be appreciated!


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Ozzie, I don't know the answer but I wanted to bump this up to see if anyone else has any ideas. I wonder if the bout of diarrhea left him a little dehydrated? Sometimes I notice that if a foster has diarrhea or vomits, their stool seems dryer than normal. Maybe try a little water mixed in with his food?


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Has Ozzie been grooming more lately? I can always tell who does what in the litter box because Memphis' stools are always pitch black. She's a major groomer -- always bathing herself. I've submitted stools like you've described to the vet, but it's always been normal -- "better out that end than hairballs!"

However, since this is a new thing for Ozzie and he does have other health issues, best to call the vet for advisement.


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Dehydration would also be my guess as it does not sound like fatty liver disease. But I would agree about calling your Vet to make sure everything is ok.
Best of luck and please keep us all posted as to what you find out.