"kitty wipes" vs. human wipes, are the human ones safe??

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Hi. I was wondering if anyone knew about the safety of using human wipes (the adult kind) to help clean the back side of a cat? My older cat (she's 11) is not doing a very good job of cleaning her back side when she's done at the litter box (she's a big girl). I've used kitty wipes before, but feel that the packets that are designed for humans are cheaper and come more to a package.

I have NOT used any human wipes on my cat so far. I want to make sure that she would be safe before I tried anything. If anyone can help answer this question, it would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

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Our vet suggested unscented baby wipes. I don't know about the ones made for adults.


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i dont know if this will help. we have not used human wipes on cat. we have kitty wipes but dont really use them. maybe some other kitty knows.

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I have used the unscented baby wipes without any problems. Just check the baby wipes and make sure they are the unscented type. The type for adults would be rather large for a cat. Had checked with my vet first, and this is what she suggested.

And you are right, the wipes for human babies are cheaper and more of them to a package.

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Personally, having smelled both, I think the product is identical. Sort of like....
spray bottle, plain, 99 cents.
Spray bottle, says 'plant sprayer, picture of house plant, $1.99
spray bottle, has picture of horse and 'horse sprayer' printed on it, $3.99

This kind of thig always just makes me crazy.


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My vet suggested the unsented wipes with aleo in them. Worked like a charm!


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I have a foster with CH who usually has to lie down in the litter box and sometimes needs to be wiped afterwards. I use the hypoallergenic unscented baby wipes and they're just fine. Pretty cheap too, compared to the kitty wipes.


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Thank you everyone for all the advice! I think I will try the unscented baby wipes soon!