Cat dragging butt on ground

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Hey everyone!
Over the last few days we've noticed that one of our cats has been eliminating urine outside of the litter box. It's hard to tell which it is seeing how we have them all together all the time.

Tonight, one of my cats (Piggy) was coming out of the litter box and began dragging her bum on the floor and went a few feet doing this. She then started to lick her rear-end and then began dragging it once again. I'm not sure what this means or if this is related to the inappropriate elimination. I called the vet but was asked to call back since they are busy right now. Just wanted to have an idea of what the problem might be.

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It could be a couple of things - but it sounds like her anal glands may be full or impacted. It could also be that she is constipated, but my first guess is her glands need to be expressed. If you can, get a look at her hiney and see if it is puckerd out and see if there is any sign of infection (ie smell, mucus) - they may not be infected - but if they have been impacted a while they will become infected, also, if she will let you - feel directly below and on either side of her anus and see if they feel full - chances are they are. It's a simple procedure for the vet to express them - I have actually done this myself at home - but it's not for the weak at heart. If she is also consitipated this can be remedied with diet and a mild laxative. I am not a vet - but this is my best advice. See the vet and confirm.


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a few times Maizy has done this when a bit was "stuck" on her rear. Tigger did this & he had his glands expressed. If she is constipated, you can try a bit of plain pumpkin. Not the spiced one for pie, but plain. Mine like the taste & it helps with both diahrrea & constipation. And more water!!


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On a rare occassion one of mine will do this, but when I pick them up and look, its because a poopie was stuck to their back end, which can happen on occassion with long haired kitties. If there is no poopie stuck to her back end, then I suspect its like the others said, and she may need her anal glands expressed. It could also be because she is constipated, which either way, its a trip to the vet. Best of luck. wave big grin way to go

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My cat gets this also, when he has a couple miggles stuck to his buttski, I noticed when he uses the litter box, he smouches his butt almost up against the walls of the litterbox, which makes his britches really messy, this w/e I gave him a brazillian.. MOL his back end is now shaved nicely..