Upper Respiratory Infection- treatment and recovery

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I got a new cat a week ago. I took her to the vet for a "free wellness check" provided by the shelter and told him she had been sneezing a lot. From what I have read, it seems like an upper respiratory infection. The vet prescribed some anti-biotics as well as some anti-histamines but I was just wondering how long it takes these to help. I don't want to worry unnecessarily but I also want to know if she is not getting better.

Also I want to know what to do if she won't eat. I read she may lose her appetite because she cannot smell her food and I don't know what to do if she won't eat on her own.

Please help. I'm worried.


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The recovery from an URI (upper respiratory infection) can take different amount of time depending on the virus, the patient, and other factors. If it is a virus the antibiotics are to help snuff out any oppertunistic infections that may try to take advantage of the situation. You have to make sure that your kitten stays well hydrated. So, even off on one meal you need to call your vet and ask what to do. There are things to try to get them to eat more but call your vet first and let them know. As of now the appetite is good right? Was there a fever? Do you have any other cats? It would be best to keep your kitten quiet and in a well ventilated but not drafty room. You need to wash your hands before handling him and wash them afterwards. Keep carefull watch to keep the nose and ears clean. You can do this with a cotton ball in warm water to soften up any crusty debri and gently wipe away at the nose but not to much because it will become irritated and scab over. That is why you use cotton and not gauze. You can try to humidify the kitten by getting your bathroom steamy and then standing in the steamy room with the kitten. Just don't get it to hot or let him get to wet or leave him in there alone and no matter what don't try to hold him over any sort of steam. ( I know I shouldn't have to say that but I am a bit OCD about stating the obvious) The steam might help but if it doesn't then don't do it again it may just not be benificial. be carefull with the medications for the stuffy nose as they can sometimes have a rebound effect. Is it drops or pills for the stuffiness? For the most part you can try to add water (purified water) to his diets and feed a soft food if he will eat it. Plenty of fresh water and change the catlitter often as you need to keep him and his enviornment as clean as possible. Be sure to not add any stress to his life because just like people they will not get better if stressed. Don't try to force feed or syringe feed if he doesn't eat as you can hurt them if they aspirate on the food or fluid or they can develope a food aversion. Spend time with him and let him chose the interaction not you. No active playing for now. If at any time you become concerned you need to take him back to the vet or to a different vet if you are not happy with the one you have. it can turn serious quickly or it can just kind of blow over quickly.

good luck i hope your little one is feeling better already.


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I had this in late October, and shared it with my brother Tigger. I would say I was feeling yucky for about 7 days after I started the antibiotics. Then I started to get better each day. Maybe the snuffy nose went another week after that. Tigger got over his a little quicker, perhaps cause he is a grown up kitty. Mom just kept me warm & as quiet as a kitten could be. I didn't eat as much, but she gave me as much wet food as I wanted. Hope you are feeling better real quick - it is crummy to be a kitten & feel not so good. purrs - Smitty