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Hi all... my baby Ozzie is starting theophylline 100mg 1x day for his asthma. Has anyone else used this medicine? Are there any side effects? How long do they take it for? ( I have enough for 40 days). I'm always a little scared giving my baby new meds.

Vivian and Ozzie.


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Look into the inhaled steroids for asthma. I know they used to use theophyllin but i don't see it used much any more. A good website is the MERCK veterinary manual it is easy to follow and you can look up anything


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Previously I had a cat with mild asthma, which could be managed by changing environmental factors. One of my current kitties, Sophie, is not so lucky. Sophie takes 200 mg of Theophylline every evening. It helps some, but not much. What is nice about this medication is the lack of side effects in cats. I am working with my vet on options prior to doing the trach-wash ($$$). We've already done radiographs/x-rays. For info on the disease and various medications, check out: fritzthebrave.com. It also has links to veterinary websites.

I am hoping my Sophie will not need an inhaler. I hope we can control her asthma with the right combination of pills. Since your kitty is on a low dose of Theophylline, hopefully the asthma can be controlled with pills and not need an inhaler!


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I cannot get Ozzie to take the pills! I tried everything-Tuna, Baby Food, Butter, Pill Pockets.

How do you get your kitty to take them?

Anyways... Ozzie went for a second opinion to a vet that only treats cats and is experienced with Asthma.

He said that if Ozzie has another attack, that we would start treating him with inhaled steroids/bronchodialtors. He also said it was fine that he isn't taking the theophylline.

I think it may have been an environmental thing too that triggered his attacks back in Nov-Dec. Since then I stopped using any air fresheners in the house, no litter box deodorizer(we use wheat litter, but I was adding the deodorizer) and I use a humidifier.

So far no attacks.... so I'm keeping Oz in the care of his current vet and if his asthma symptoms return, we will switch to the other vet.


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There is a type of pill giver you can get. It looks like a syringe and you put water in it and on the end you is some pinchers to hold the pill and open kitties mouth and he/she will swallow it because of the water. Works every time.