licking metal

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satsuki- susuwatari

Purred: Tue Feb 1, '11 7:06pm PST 
i like to lick metal, especially metal folding chairs and the metal top to a radiator.

any other cats do this? any vets have theories as to the cause? i'm in excellent health otherwise and don't show other signs of diabetes or thyroid problems.


Purred: Thu Feb 3, '11 6:23am PST 
Ducky likes to lick:
Stainless Steel
Terra Cota (his FAVORITE!)

The vet said there was nothing to worry about. He had blood work recently and everything but his liver enzymes were normal (but that's from something else...).


let no food bowl- be empty
Purred: Thu Feb 3, '11 5:38pm PST 

Licking metal can be a symptom of anemia in cats. Some cats will even eat their cat litter when they are anemic. If it was me, i would have it checked out. There is a simple test the veterinarian can do, and takes about 3 minutes to run. It is called a PCV/TP (packed cell volume/ total protien).