Vomiting clear liquid and white foam

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Purred: Fri Dec 17, '10 4:09am PST 
I've had a few posts on here regarding my kitty Ozzie.
To recap:

He was hacking a lot, brought to the vet.
Bloodwork came back normal, was put on steroids and in turn antibiotics after going on the steroids for sneezing and all.

He's been doing good... eating, peeing, pooping and being his normal self.

This morning while sleeping I heard him throwing up. I found a pile of clear liquid and some white foam.

When he had his hacking fits before, sometimes while he was hacking, he would cough some liquid/foam up too.

of course I'm super concernedfrown I've seen it before but given his recent conditions and being on steroids I am going to call the vet today to make sure there's nothing to be worried about.

Ozzie's mama is also sick toofrown having a bad week myself and hoping we don't have to go to the vet or hospital with Oz.


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Poor Ozzie (and Ozzie's mom)! In my experience liquid and foam vomit only means kitty's tummy is empty. I wouldn't panic.


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I would have to agree with BK. I hope both of you feel better soon! Please keep us posted if things go bad.But with a bit of food, things should be good.

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Not necessarily on that upset tummy thing. I mean, yes, definitely an upset tummy and it could very well be only that. Just keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't keep doing it and that the vomit doesn't have any yellow bile in it or pinkish color. That could indicate liver inflammation. Probably not the case and I don't want to alarm you, I know you're already stressed. I'm sure it's what the others just indicated. Just want you to keep your eyes open. Poor baby, he's having such a hard time. Please give him hugs and kisses for all of us. hug

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Hope that you are feeling better. I know that when I am doing that, I am constipated


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Purred: Tue Dec 28, '10 11:00am PST 
Ozzie threw up 3 times the other week, and this morning.

Again just some white foamy stuff.

Vet wants to check for parasites just in case even though he's indoors.

Going to try some cat grass/cat nip to see if it helps.