Watery Eyes, Licking Nose a lot, Acting weird

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My kitty Ozzie was taken to the vet last weekend for some hacking that was not resolving itself. During the physical exam, the vet noticed he had a really irritated throat. She said it could be allergies, but if the hacking doesn't improve with steriods he has to go in and get scoped to check things out. He was given a short acting steriod injection, which stopped the hacking, so he recently was prescribed a short course of steroids.

Yesterday, I noticed Ozzie eyes more watery than normal. I noticed a little pus on his fur near the eye. No visible goop coming out of his eye though. He was also licking his nose a lot yesterday. His hacking has stopped due to the steroids, but I can hear a crackling noise in his throat. Ozzie is eating and all that normal business, but to me he's acting slightly off. He normally is a purr monster, but last night he was in bed with me and he wasn't purring.

It's my first time having to give my cat meds so I called the vet and explained what is going on with him. She told me to bring him in, in case he has a URI or something.

Am I overreacting?

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The way I look at it. Its better to overreact than to not react at all. Although I don't think you're overreacting at all. You know your cat better than anyone and if he seems slightly off, he probably is. Sounds like he might have a URI. Easily treatable with medication. You might want to feed wet food if his throat is irritated. Imagine having a sore throat and then eating chips. Feels like razor blades huh? Us humans would probably eat yogurt, eggs, pudding, smooth things. Same goes for your cat. Wet food goes down easier. Less irritation. Many kitties on here use Lysine for their kitties. I'm sure the more knowledgeable kitties will give you more info on that. It helped Hunter.

Don't feel like you're overreacting. You are your cats voice. If you don't speak up, who will?


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we hope Ozzie feels better and the vet puts your mind at ease! Keep us posted! Hunter makes great sense, better to be cautious & go see the vet if there are any doubts and wet food will probably help that itchy or irritated throat. When Selby was alive she would get more watery eyed in the winter, our vet suggested it could be from the dry heat in the house in winter time, since many people use more heat. Best of health! Let us know what is going on!
take care
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Meowma is right there with you and allergies! She has a problem with dogs and we haz 4 of them in the house..shock Though she is getting shots that Dr. Said should help in the long run. Though she has to stay on an antihistamine and a spray in her nose. I sure hope things work out well for you. Please keep us all posted as to how things go!


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Thanks everyone for the advice and concernsmile

Went to the vet, and Ozzie's eyes are watery because he isn't feeling well. His licking of lips and nose is a sign of nausea. He's eating fine, actually more than normal but I guess that happens with steroids. Sneezing could be from a virus,which the steroids are making come out.

Vet gave Ozzie an antibiotic to take. Keeping him on the steroids because his throat is better than it was during our initial visit. Not as much whistling going on in his voicebox. I feel horrible that he's not feeling well and the steroids may be making him feel crappy. He's on his last 2x dose today, so we drop down to 1x tomorrow to start to taper him off. Hopefully he'll feel a little better when the steroid dose comes down.

I feel horrible, because aside from his hacking before we started with the steriods, he was feeling good. Makes me question doing all this.I feel like I am making him sickfrown

Still no diagnosis thoughfrown Next step is x-rays and a scope to make sure there are no growths or anything.


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Don't feel horrible about it, you had to take him to the vet for coughing; imagine how you would feel if you hadn't taken him and he got really sick. Hopefully he'll feel better when you go down to 1x/day on the steroids.

Purrs and best wishes,